Red Sails At Night

Okay. Two things. I borrowed the title from Bing Crosby. And, I’m happy to be back to a single picture. Creating categories and writing tags for a 30 picture selection from Picture A Day is hard work. So. This picture was made in Hong Kong at Victoria Harbor, or Harbour if you prefer. This isContinue reading “Red Sails At Night”

Beads, Bangles and Art

This is Cat Alley. Or Lascar’s Row, if you prefer. It has a very spotty reputation. At various times in history it was either a red light district, or a bunch of rooming houses for Indian sailors who made port in Hong Kong. Today, it ‘s sort of an arts and crafts center where touristsContinue reading “Beads, Bangles and Art”

City in Color

I used to call Sunday, “Experimental Sunday.” Why? I really don’t play computer games. Even when I do, I get bored pretty easily. The only game I really liked was Diablo. It’s taken the maker 14 years to release the new version so I gave up. Long ago I decided that rather than play aContinue reading “City in Color”

Powerful Place

I spent many years in Hong Kong. It may very well be like another home to me. Like anything, some days I miss it a lot. And, on other days, not so much. This is an image that was made looking toward Northpoint, an Eastern District area of Hong Kong which is, comparatively speaking, mostlyContinue reading “Powerful Place”

Hong Kong Food

This will conclude my little walk through the neighborhoods of Hong Kong. The best place to start is with me. I’m a big believer in the high quality of street food, especially in Asian countries. In Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Thailand some of freshest, freshly cooked and well-prepared food is found in littleContinue reading “Hong Kong Food”

Little Pictures

For yesterday’s post, I offered up some Hong Kong images that were pretty much general views of the city that were photographed in my style. I wrote that I would show you a little different, more local, view of the city today. So here it is. Six images that are what I call “little pictures.”Continue reading “Little Pictures”

Time In Hong Kong

I’ve spent a lot of  my life in Hong Kong. For me, it’s a kind of home. It’s probably one of my three most favorite cities in the world. I know it well. I photograph it in many different ways since I know the city so well. But, for this post I thought I’d showContinue reading “Time In Hong Kong”

Settlin’ In

A peaceful Sunday. A little break. Three pictures. Quiet pictures. Made at different times and places. For different reasons. The three of them are: Taos Dusk, Bamboo and Morning Spider Web. Yes. I have some shot back stories to share. Taos Dusk. Everybody photographs this place. Everybody paints it. Ansel Adams made a landmark photographContinue reading “Settlin’ In”

Tiny Little Portraits

I’ve been photographing people for most of my career. A quick look at my history will tell you that some of my earliest work was published in the newspapers for whom I worked. Most of the images published in a newspaper are about people. It doesn’t matter what section of the newspaper that you findContinue reading “Tiny Little Portraits”