I believe that by being pain free for the past week or so is resulting in much better seeing. I think my consumption of necessary pain meds created a sort of brain fog. That’s not to say I was walking around loaded out of my mind. I wasn’t. I didn’t. And, I don’t. But, thereContinue reading “Wandering”

Hope For Us

Farther along and further in. Those words are about learning, reflection, truth and peacefulness. That’s what today is about. We celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today. There is a lot we can do or not do. I started this day with — what else — a dog walk. I made a few pictures. YouContinue reading “Hope For Us”

Where Are The Americans?

Understanding. That’s what we all need. Coming together would be great too, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. We are just too divided. We can’t abide a disagreement without hating the other guy. That’s stupid. Joe Biden looks like he has a great shot at winning the presidency. It’s more important than IContinue reading “Where Are The Americans?”

Once In A While

Seeing the flowers of spring gives me a sense of hope. In order to fulfill hope, we must work hard. All of us. Especially now. What are you doing? What will I do? In New Orleans, the mayor has put out a call for volunteer help. I may do that. A lot of it involvesContinue reading “Once In A While”


Wildflowers. Tom Petty sang about them. I think they are often more interesting than flowers. For sure, they are a sign of rebirth, growth and the passing of time. Covid19 is still creating havoc everywhere, although some countries are starting the long climb toward normalcy. I’m not so sure about down here in the swamp.Continue reading “Dreams”

Changes, Always Changes

The news from the virus world keeps getting bleaker and bleaker. I’m afraid to read a story in The Washington Post about how the economy turned terrible seemingly overnight. It used to be that there was a big difference between what happened on Wall Street and Main Street. Not this time. Small businesses are crashingContinue reading “Changes, Always Changes”

Third Portfolio

The third portfolio. What the dog saw. She sees a lot. She investigates a lot. She takes me on long walks. Even when I don’t feel like it. That’s good. For both of us. She keeps my hurting parts moving, which according to that silly television commercial “a body in motion stays in motion.”  SomethingContinue reading “Third Portfolio”