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  • All The Numbers

    New Mexico. My happy place. Even though I’m very happy to live on the farm, New Mexico always makes me feel better. I need that. We hope to return home on January 9th. Before we make it home, we will have attended 5 funerals, two jazz funerals and played at three fund raising benefits. I’d […]

  • Solid Rock

    This is a tale of a confused mind, mine. I made this picture in my New Mexico days, It’s out west near the crossroads of I-40 and Route 66. Supposedly, those two roads are parallel so how could they cross. Trust me. They do. It’s just one of those things that happens in the desert. […]

  • Last Stop Texaco

    T his hell scape was once a busy roadside stop. They sold fuel, worked on broken down cars and had a little store. That was years ago when the road that ran right in front of it was a busy Route 66. Along came a new Interstate 40. The road in the background is basically […]

  • Tomorrow

    There are many ways out of Albuquerque, but this is my favorite. If you are going on a road trip you can kind of say goodbye to the city as you leave. Even if you are not, you can pretend. This is what is left of Route 66 west of Albuquerque. Just a little over […]

  • Some Kicks. Route 66.

    Well. I told you. I’m pretty much out of new local work. Yes. It’s cooled down some. The temperatures never came close to yesterday’s predicted high. But, I think I just wanted a continued break. Or, you could call it an excuse. So, I did stuff around the house. I’m still trying to figure out […]

  • Archie’s Place

    Junk. New Mexican Junk. Sunday’s junk. Unlike the junk in New Orleans, this junk isn’t so rusty. It is mostly sand and wind-blown. Sure, there’s some rust. But nothing like you get in the high humidity swamp that I call home. For now. This place. It’s in Moriarty. New Mexico. You can see it from […]

  • Out on the Road. Part 749B.

    Another little collection. I decided to post road trip pictures because some guy that I read sometimes said that young people don’t like road trips. I’m not buying that. While younger folks do like living in more urban settings and not needing a car to commute around doing daily living stuff, road trips are a whole other […]

  • 5000 Country Music Songs

    I wrote about Seligman, Arizona, a few days ago.  I realized then that you haven’t seen enough of the place. So, today’s post will be a little long and full. Thirteen pictures, I think. There’s no overall picture and that’s too bad. But, my detail pictures should give you a sense of the place. It’s […]

  • Ballad of El Goodo

    I found these chairs in Seligman, Arizona. I know, I know. Where the hell is that? Seligman is one of the last true Route 66 towns left in America. It’s located just off of I-40, east of Kingman and west of Williams. It’s almost a ghost town. But, not quite. It is a great rest […]