She Comes In Colors

F ood photography. Oh no, not me. I do a little, but I’m no food photographer. Most of the pictures I make are part of some other project or assignment. Let’s say the assignment was something about travel, maybe to a specific city or region. I try to photograph everything that I see that isContinue reading “She Comes In Colors”

Day After Day

The cold weather came. It won’t leave. As I write this the temperature outside is 24 degrees. We should warm up sometime tomorrow. Luckily, the rain stopped falling. The sun is shining through broken clouds. Clouds hold warmth in, so you know what this means. Colder still. Yesterday was the saddest, coldest, wettest Mardi GrasContinue reading “Day After Day”

Winter Ways

Once, there was a man named Tom Petty. He was a musician. He played rock ‘n roll. the way it should be played. He was humble. He was driven. He was well-loved by people who weren’t his fans. His fans adored him. He played a long tour last year. He went home. And, he died.Continue reading “Winter Ways”

If You Build It

It’s come to this. I photographed a parking lot. Ice had partially covered the yellow strip that divides parking places. I added some magical dust and bingo-bango, it turned into art. Or, a kind of art. But that’s what this post isn’t about. It’s about three freezing days and our quality of life. It’s a counterpointContinue reading “If You Build It”

Ice, Ice, and a Little More Ice

It arrived. The cold front and storm. It closed just about everything. Roads. Businesses. Schools. Bars. In New Orleans, that’s a disaster. It closed the interstate highway system to the point that if you drove around barriers because you thought you are smarter than anyone else you could be arrested. The state declared a disaster.Continue reading “Ice, Ice, and a Little More Ice”

Cold, Cold, Cold

18 degrees. That’s what Alexa said when I went for our usual morning walk. I have no idea what weather service Amazon uses, but the world was frozen when I went out. I was wearing cold weather underwear. I was wearing heavy socks. Good cold weather gear. Still I was cold. The dog who seesContinue reading “Cold, Cold, Cold”

Sno Balls

Sno balls. Oh boy. I’m not sure I should get into this. In New Orleans we have great debates about the best sno balls, or snow balls, in the city. Usually there are neighborhood favorites. Every neighborhood thinks their stand is the best. The so-called gold standard is Hansen’s Sno-Blitz on Tchoupitoulas Street. At least, that’s what the peopleContinue reading “Sno Balls”

Just One More

I know. I know. Spring has sprung in most places and this picture looks a little out of time, but as I was working through the rest of my take from “The Great Frozen North,” I uncovered this image. You’ll have to look very closely or just enlarge the image to see the real subject.Continue reading “Just One More”

Cold. So Cold.

So Cold. I took a short 1000 mile drive to visit some friends of mine in Spring Lake, Michigan. Well, it wasn’t just a visit. I delivered a 12 week old Yorkie puppy. He is a very sweet and affectionate little boy, My friends love him and I think he is settling in just fine.Continue reading “Cold. So Cold.”