Road Color

Y esterday’s post was a bit bleak, but it was honest. Authentic, as we say today. We saw an example of it on Thursday night, when the January 6 Committee laid the insurrection at Trump’s feet. And, at his feet it will stay. I’m sure he’ll be hopping mad. Too bad. It was an exerciseContinue reading “Road Color”

Since 1945

In the baseball world, The Chicago Cubs won the National League pennant last night. They will play in the World Series. For the first time since 1945. They will play the Cleveland Indians, who last appeared in the World Series in 1948. A long time for both teams. But. The last time the Chicago CubsContinue reading “Since 1945”

Different Junk

To me, this take is amazing. It is still part of the 45 minute dusk shoot that I had in Cairo. In that short time, I pretty much made pictures that capture the sense and feel of a long road trip. I kept saying that I was “photographically fulfilled,” which is a riff from “musicallyContinue reading “Different Junk”


Well. I started out in one direction, had to deal with some little nastiness and decided to change directions. After all, they say all art is autobiographical.  I suppose a few hours ago, I was feeling more this way than some other way.  I’ll show you the other version in a day or two. IContinue reading “Changes.”

A Little More

See? I did have a pretty good shoot in Cairo. Considering my shooting night was really about an hour, it was exceptional… for anyone. Especially me. I’m not sure what this building was originally because it has what looks like loading docks in the back, and store fronts along the street. It’s one of thoseContinue reading “A Little More”

You Just Knew It…

Yep. As I said to a friend of mine, I needed to take this little trip so that I could stand in front of different junk. And you, dear reader, just knew that I would… stand in front of junk. After I made the first picture of the remaining downtown Cairo, I turned left andContinue reading “You Just Knew It…”

Watching The River Flow

I wasn’t sure what to publish next, but there were a couple of comments on Facebook and here that sort of guided my way. My friend Greg Gross, who publishes a great travel blog called, I’m Black and I Travel at made a few comments about the history of Cairo. I had no ideaContinue reading “Watching The River Flow”

Out on The Road. Part 5879.

I reckon that I should actually start my posts about the frozen north from the start of the trip. Or, at least in the middle. My first stop was in a small town called Cairo. No, not Cairo in Egypt. This one is located in Illinois at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.Continue reading “Out on The Road. Part 5879.”