The Beginning

T he beginning. The very first time. I was traveling in New York City with a couple of friends. When we got to Times Square I started making a few pictures. One of those friends, a well thought of National Geographic photographer — a real one, not one of those who had the luck toContinue reading “The Beginning”

Last Chance Lost

T he original image is ancient. I was playing around during a snowstorm in New Mexico. It was one of my picture a day images. It’s shredded newspaper. Everything came together at once. I need to make a picture and I had a new shredder that I wanted to test. So, I shredded up aContinue reading “Last Chance Lost”

Soul Years

Discussions. Between friends. Friends who are photographers. We talked about this and that. Then, we started talking about how we move from the photographers that we are to the photographers that we want to be. We are all photo veterans. We probably have about 175 years of experience between us. We all seem to wantContinue reading “Soul Years”

I Saw a Bright Light and Then…

Well it could be some spiritual event. But, not this time. This time it was a combination of me finding the right light as it streamed in St. Mary’s Assumption Church and using the proper f-stop to create a glowing starburst. Since we talked about the churches as I’ve photographed them so far, I thoughtContinue reading “I Saw a Bright Light and Then…”