On Independence Day

W e’d like to celebrate today. But, we can’t. We won’t. The United States Supreme Court radically overhauled America in just two weeks. We don’t recognize what we once were. For sure, plenty of people are protesting, planning emergency rescues and some are even leaving the country. That won’t change much. Change will only happenContinue reading “On Independence Day”

America’s Children

T his post started down a different path. I was going to post a whole bunch of flag pictures. As I was organizing this page I’ve been listening to an Audible book. The book is called, “How to Write One Song” by Jeff Tweedy, the founder and front man of the band Wilco. The bookContinue reading “America’s Children”

The United States Blues

“Red and white, blue suede shoes I’m Uncle Sam, how do you do Gimme five, still alive Ain’t no luck, I learned to duck Check my pulse, it don’t change Stay seventy two, come shine or rain Wave the flag, pop the bag Rock the boat, skin the goat Wave that flag, wave it wideContinue reading “The United States Blues”

Not Really Feeling It

A rough year. No. Make that 18 months. I’m not going to get into a political thing on a holiday. I’m going to appreciate what I have. Remember what the notion of the USA means. And, hope that we can fix the damage already done. You know what I say about hope. It’s like miracles.Continue reading “Not Really Feeling It”

Stars, Bars and Art

241 years. That’s how old my country is today. We’ve been through a lot. Wars. Depressions. Recessions. Floods. And, disasters. Expansions. Growth. Painful modernization. New technology. Old technology. Threats. And, challenges. We sent men into outer space. We went to the moon. We shortened the trip from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean by buildingContinue reading “Stars, Bars and Art”


A holiday. A national holiday. The 4th of July. Independence Day. These pictures were made in a lot of places. Las Vegas, New Orleans, Virginia City. Somewhere that I can’t remember. I don’t think that matters. It’s just a collection of what I saw on my rambles. For those of you in other countries, notContinue reading “Flags”


It’s a holiday. Independence Day. 4th of July. It is the day The Declaration of Independence was signed. The birthday of my country. Bottom line. It’s sort of a big deal. In The United States we celebrate in many ways. Fireworks. Parades. Baseball Games. Carnivals. Barbecues. Fairs. Picnics. Concerts. Hot dogs. And… We display our flag.Continue reading “Flags”