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  • One Of These Days

    Tom Knudsen of The Doobie Brothers died yesterday. I listen to them now and then these days, but boy did the 1970s come flooding back. I lived in the Bay Area in those days. I went to college in San Jose. I lived in a neighborhood called The Rose Garden until I moved to the […]

  • The Journey

    F all really came today. Cool winds. Cool temperature. No air conditioning. Windows wide open. No apparent humidity. People celebrating. I’m not sure about the last statement. People celebrating. That may be taking it a little too far. Let’s just say people are happy. I’m happy. That’s why I’m late. I went and stayed outside. […]

  • Naked To The Eye

    Sometimes, there’s no winning. I couldn’t do it yesterday so I shut the conversation down. I couldn’t get through. Everything was an excuse. Or, a weird kind of arrogance. I have no use for that. Oh well. Another war lost. One I shouldn’t have fought. These two pictures are of the same location. They were […]

  • What Does It Mean To Travel

    On a Sunday morning. I realized I haven’t published multiple pictures in some time. I’ve been photographing bits and piece of trains forever because I like them. I grew up riding the Super Chief and the El Capitan and eventually The City of Los Angeles from Los Angeles to New York City via Chicago. Of […]

  • Working on the Railroad

    A little different. Before tomorrow. Just so you know, no matter who wins the US Presidential election, the country will be in turmoil for years. Maybe the world. One day won’t stop anything. There. That’s something to look forward to. I thought I would show you something about America’s greatness. Industry. Yeah. I know a […]

  • The Welder

    I don’t always made normal portraits. In fact, I rarely do. You’ll never confuse me with a studio photographer who shoots nice family portraits. That’s okay. For all of us. But, there is a great backstory here. When I was working for The New River Newspapers in Virginia, the advertising staff came up with an […]

  • Cement Place

    A change is gonna come. I made a bunch of pictures a couple of nights ago when I was scouting for a particular kind of location. Despite my lack of motivation to work much for myself, you know me. I had to take pictures once I started poking around. Even though New Orleans is mostly thought […]

  • Out There

    I don’t know about you, but I need a little break from the news. For the most part, the news was terrible. All week. You know what I’m talking about. Allen Toussaint passed. Beruit blew up. Baghdad blew up. Paris was shot to hell. Nothing but death and destruction. All week long. Enough. So, here’s a graphic […]

  • Long Weekend Coming

    I was just going to post this picture and wish everybody a happy weekend, especially to my friends in the United States who are getting ready for a long weekend, with Monday being Memorial Day. I was probably going to remind everybody that at its heart, Memorial Day was set aside to remember those who […]