I And I

S omething for Sunday. Something pretty. In pink. These are called by a couple of names. I call them Japonicas. Some call them Japanese Magnolias. Doesn’t matter I suppose. Because. No matter what you call them they are pretty and joyful. And, pink. This particular picture suffers from me. Heh. Looking at it here IContinue reading “I And I”

Birds of Fire

S ometimes I get trapped and can’t keep some part of the scene out of the picture. That was the issue with this picture. Cropping it square helped. But the building was still in the background. I suppose that I could have replaced the background with something different, but that really isn’t my style. InsteadContinue reading “Birds of Fire”

The Last Chance

I didn’t know. I didn’t know that when I photographed the Japonica trees a day or two ago that it would be my last chance. Normally the flowers would last another two or three weeks. But, we had a pretty bad storm this afternoon. Not only did we get a lot of rain, but weContinue reading “The Last Chance”

So Pretty

So pretty. So pink. Yesterday’s sunset was stellar. The sun was hidden by drifting clouds. And, then it wasn’t. Just then. Right then, the Japonica (Japanese Magnolia) trees were lighted by wonderful late afternoon golden light. I was lucky. Ten minutes either way and I wouldn’t have seen this little bit of prettiness. I wouldn’tContinue reading “So Pretty”

They Say It’s Winter

Winter. I have a friend in Milwaukee who was complaining because his four year old snow blower broke down yesterday. I have friends further east who were just waiting until the big snowstorm reached them. Even in Seattle, where the weather is fairly mild, the streets were tangled by snowfall. Not down here. Oh no.Continue reading “They Say It’s Winter”


Spring’s rebirth. A seasonal cycle. Now you see it. Now you don’t. We are at a seasonal point that you can’t help but see it. If you look at Facebook, the keeper of all infinity, your pages will start filling up with spring flower pictures. It starts around now and lasts for a while asContinue reading “Reaching”

Expecting to Fly

Learning. That’s my word of the year. My koan. My focusing point. Sometimes it’s about the inside. Other times, it’s about the outside. Today’s picture is about the outside. Here’s the background. The all-seeing dog and I were out walking. Yesterday was a bad day in the pain department. I had to sit twice. NotContinue reading “Expecting to Fly”

New Month

I posted another version of this tree last month. Last month was yesterday. I didn’t post it yesterday. I posted it a week or so ago. Last month. That’s my topic. That’s what I’ve been thinking about. Calendar pages flipping. What does that mean? What doesn’t it mean? For me, aside from business and creditContinue reading “New Month”

More Is More

This picture. The real first blooms of winter. I almost forgot to show you this one because I posted it on Instagram. I know that not all of you follow me there, so I decided you should see it here. On Storyteller. Where it belongs. My first social media home. That one that really mattersContinue reading “More Is More”