Thinking of a Place

I reckon we could all use a bit of color. It’s Friday. We sort of made it to someplace else. The weekend. I’m not excited about that. Working from home sort of tones that down. But, this is the start of Carnival and that means something even though I can’t photograph it. But, during paradeContinue reading “Thinking of a Place”

Now It’s Time

Now it’s Christmastime. I found this picture.  Actually, the dog who sees things found it. My head was wrapped in thought. Or, fog. I walked right by it. The dog saw the shiny object and had to investigate. Good thing too. I had a back up picture for today, but it is plan B andContinue reading “Now It’s Time”

Sparkling Night

Oh, what can I say about these pictures? They speak for themselves. I guess I can tell you not to give up. On anything. I tried to work in one neighborhood of the city and it wasn’t happening. The places that are normally lighted well for Christmas, weren’t. I don’t know why. I started toContinue reading “Sparkling Night”

Bears and Stuff…

There is a guy who owns a home at about Pitt and Dufossat streets, just one block on the river side of St. Charles Avenue. There are some New Orleans directions for you. Every Christmas he decorates it extremely well. With Teddy Bears. All kinds of Teddy Bears. Big ones. Little ones. Funny ones. FlyingContinue reading “Bears and Stuff…”