Tag: Landmark

  • Something Like Paris

    P aris. When you stare long enough at this ancient apartment building you think you are in Paris. France, not Texas. Well, I do anyway. You might not. If you’ve wandered around the streets of Paris going into neighborhoods that aren’t on the tourist must see list, you’ll see buildings like this one. In The […]

  • It Fell Outta The Sky

    Joanie on the Pony. That’s what locals call this statue. Really. It’s Joan of Arc. The statue was given to the city by France. For a long time nobody knew what to do with it. So, Joanie lived in a warehouse. Then she was located to one place and finally relocated to the foot of The […]

  • Patterns

    Coming apart. I’ve written about, and published pictures of this place in past editions of Storyteller. I like to return to a lot of old places. I want to see how they are doing. I’m sorry to report, not so good. Despite being a National Landmark, this place is falling apart. Literally. See all those […]

  • Being There

    Driving all night. If you are coming from the west on I-40, this is where you stop. For a day breaks breakfast. Then you go on your way. You may continue east. To Texas. And beyond. Or, you may turn north on I-25 and stop in Santa Fe, or continue further on state roads to […]

  • Sunset

    Sunset.  San Francisco de Assis Mission Church. In Rancho de Taos. New Mexico. I received an email about a gallery show. One of the featured pictures was of this place. Makes sense. As locations go, this is one of the most famous in the country. The church has been drawn, painted and photographed for many […]

  • St. Roch

    St. Roch. I’ve written about this place in the past. Mostly, I’ve posted pictures of the offerings of prosthetics and crutches to St. Roch for help with health issues. That’s generally what most people photograph when they come here. Just like most people, I’ve probably photographed the inside of the chapel five or six times. Or, […]

  • Battle Ground

    Daylight again Following me to bed I think about a hundred years ago How my fathers bled I think I see a valley Covered with bones in blue All the brave soldiers that cannot get older Been asking after you Hear the past a calling From Armageddon’s side When everyone’s talking and no one is […]

  • Jackson Square

    Every now and then I make a classic travel/destination picture. At least that’s what photo agencies call them.  This is one of those pictures.  Framing and composition is the key.  Look at the horse’s front legs and how they wrap around the cathedral’s spire. That was no accident. Nor, was the blue sky or the […]

  • A Day

    The late Beatle, George Harrison once wrote, “All Things Must Pass.” An, so they do. But, none of us expect them to pass as quickly as they sometimes do. Back around Halloween, I published a picture of the haunted Le Beau Mansion. I called it spooky. A lot of you liked the eerie feel of […]