From A Different Place

G uess, will you please guess where I took this picture? Unless you’ve been here you’ll never figure it out. I made this picture photographing a book project in — wait for it — Las Vegas. Wait? What? At the time when I worked on the project there were a group of very upscale, sleekContinue reading “From A Different Place”

Paris, Not Paris

P aris, France. Paris, Texas. There are 48 places named Paris in the world. I’d list them but you’d either get bored or crazy. There is this one. Paris on Las Vegas Boulevard, or as it is commonly called The Strip. This Paris is a casino, hotel and underground shopping mall that is designed andContinue reading “Paris, Not Paris”


S unday. The middle day of a so-called long weekend. I have almost no idea of what to write. I really haven’t paid attention to the news, except for baseball. That’s very intentional. Everyone needs a break from what has become madness. Baseball is life. The season is so long that there are ups andContinue reading “Angles”

The Long Weekend

T his is a big holiday weekend. The Fourth of July celebrates the founding of The United States. After all of the Less-Than-Supreme-Court has done in the past two weeks I’m in no mood to celebrate. After talking to a number of our friends I know that they feel the same way. Hopefully, our neighborsContinue reading “The Long Weekend”

It Never Ends

L et’s be clear. Yesterday sucked. Again. What do I care about most since I consider it to be the foundation of everything else? The environment. What did The-Less-Than-Supreme-Court do yesterday? They shut down the EPA. The Environmental Protection Agency. What the hell are these faux judges trying to do? Some people say with allContinue reading “It Never Ends”

On Monday

There are days. And, there are days. Yesterday started with a mass shooting in Las Vegas. The numbers kept growing. From two, to 20 to 50, to 58. Dead. And, the wounded. Somewhere well over 500 people. People. Human beings. Attending a concert. Listening to music. Then there was me. I was right. I shouldContinue reading “On Monday”

Across the Bridge

Once upon a time. In the fantastical land of Las Vegas, I stumbled upon this scene. It was late afternoon. It was at the Venetian Hotel and Casino. I saw a tour guide leading his folks up the bridge to the hotel. The light was low and wonderful. Not only were the people silhouetted, butContinue reading “Across the Bridge”

Stars, Bars and Art

241 years. That’s how old my country is today. We’ve been through a lot. Wars. Depressions. Recessions. Floods. And, disasters. Expansions. Growth. Painful modernization. New technology. Old technology. Threats. And, challenges. We sent men into outer space. We went to the moon. We shortened the trip from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean by buildingContinue reading “Stars, Bars and Art”

What Happens in Las Vegas…

I mentioned yesterday that I was putting together little “curated” collections of my travel work for a new agency. Rather than put up galleries, I thought I’d show you a few pictures each day. As an overview, I made these pictures on two trips to Las Vegas for a book project. As you know, IContinue reading “What Happens in Las Vegas…”