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  • Black Out Tuesday

    Today is the day. A global protest. No other words needed. Black lives matter. BLM. Stay safe. Enjoy every sandwich. Peace.

  • Illegal Smile

    Just give me one good season. So sang John Prine. The singing mailman. A national treasure. He’s got Covid19. He’s been intubated. He’s 72. He’s beaten cancer twice. He’s been through chemo. He’s been radiated. He’s probably got even more underlying issues. His family asked from prayers last night. You know what to do. I […]

  • The Long and Wasted Years

    It started with an email. Wolf Kahn passed a few days ago. He was an artist. He painted like I wish I could paint. I’d never heard  of him. I read this obituary. He was an American treasure. Where  the hell have I been? I know about some artists, but not him. That evolved into […]

  • Creating

    Work that matters. To who? Even when I make pictures for a client, I make them for me first. After all, if not me, who? That’s really the only thing you can do, I make pictures that I want to see. It seems to have worked over the years. Now, it kind of doesn’t really […]

  • Final Line (For Now)

    This is another of my lines images. It’s sort of a levee. But, it faces Lake Ponchartrain at UNO. The grass is part of the levee, but the small cement wall is intended to prevent overtopping. I’m not sure how it worked during Hurricane Katrina. I know UNO (The University of New Orleans) was flooded, […]

  • Soon After Dusk

    Big, giant Christmas decorations. That’s what these are. They are presented to us by the very same people who hung up all those skeletons on their trees with great care. On Halloween. I remember seeing the skeleton collection grow over a few years. But, I do not remember this collection of big Christmas decorations. This […]

  • Christmas on The Avenue

    Keeping my promise is harder than I thought it would it be. Twenty five pictures about Christmas. Imagine that. What was I thinking? But, that’s a whole other story. I hope that I’ve written enough so you know a little about New Orleans from my perspective. There are a whole host of very different neighborhoods, […]

  • More Skeletons. Lots More… Skeletons

    Well. I promised you more skeletons. Here they are. I still don’t know any more about the people who own the house and do this. But, eventually I’ll find out. This picture relies on a little more post production than yesterday’s picture. Since, it’s suppose to be scary I grunged it up a little bit. […]

  • I Yam What I Yam

    I don’t think the creator of Popeye had this in mind when he created a spinach-eating sailor who came to the rescue of Olive Oil when she was in distress. It seems that the folks who created the  “skeleton lawn” on St. Charles Avenue kinda twisted his meaning a bit. Yes. These are eyes popping. […]