Tag: Layering and Blending

  • Believe in Life

    W ell, I thought yesterday’s post would draw some kind of reaction. And yet, crickets. It tells me something. Languishing for the better of two years, I’m not sure there is much motivation to do anything. For everyone. I’ve been productive in my “other” career mostly because there are deadlines. I am deadline oriented. 50 […]

  • Days between

    You know how you feel. You are out on the road, traveling somewhere. You’ve been driving for a long time. Your body has finally achieved one with your car and the road. Your brain is on remote. It’s a good thing that there isn’t any traffic because your reaction time is slow. The scenes in […]

  • Pearl of the Quarter

    On the edge. It seems that all the president’s men are clamoring to open up the country. ¬†They are hoping for business as usual. I’m not. I think we can be better in just about every way. I believe that even before CoVid-19 most of our systems are broken. The virus just provided clarity. I […]

  • Metal Work

    I found it. Can I keep it? I know this guy. He is an old school junk man. He drives around looking for stuff that is mostly made of metal. He sells some for scrap. He sells some stuff to repair men who restore old things that can be sold inexpensively. His business is fairly […]

  • Every Place

    Spring flowers. From three states. Louisiana, Texas and New Mexico. Exploring layering techniques has some advantages. I get to look back. And, make images by combining the past with the present. I get to see my successes. And, I get to see my mistakes. And, learn from them. I guess they are giving me a […]

  • Glowing Indian

    My version. Of Mardi Gras Indian energy. That’s what this latest experimentation is about. Getting the images I see in my head out to you. The viewer. I suppose looking at the images I posted over the last three days, you could be wondering what is wrong with me. I wonder that myself sometimes. But. […]