It Ain’t Over Yet………………………………… 2

T here’s lot going on in the world today. Most of it isn’t good. But, things can turn on a dime. I had to laugh when Lindsay Graham went on a whining rant and walked out of the supreme court justice confirmation hearings. I also had to smile after reading the the Ukrainians had heldContinue reading “It Ain’t Over Yet………………………………… 2”


T his image is about fall. Yes, I know fall came to an end a couple of months ago. But, I finally got around to working on this picture. It’s another one of my layering experiments. This one was much easier to do than yesterday mostly because I used the basic template that I builtContinue reading “Cantaloup”


M ystical, magical and very blue. This was really a test. What happens if I turn a white statue blue and add leaves? Now we know. It looks like this. Sort of mysterious. Sort of like the garden of good and evil. This is another picture that took some time to make. I think aboutContinue reading “Midnight”

It’s Gonna Be

L ike the caption says. Green. Another late night experiment courtesy of sleeping at the wrong time. I think that this is gonna be an ongoing theme. Sleep for art. You seen one of these pictures somewhere down the line. The tree and the buildings. You haven’t seem it with leaves in layers. Nor, haveContinue reading “It’s Gonna Be”

Oh No!

A nother change. This one happened by accident. It’s funny that I never thought of it. I had to see something similar and thought, “ah ha.” It’s a combination of nature and people. I’ve done some experiments in the past, but not like this. This picture is softer and more magical than past attempts. IContinue reading “Oh No!”

Breath of Light

N ovember 1. My birth month. I suppose that I should start celebrating now. That means I’m a Scorpio. You know how we can be. Vain. Well dressed. Likable. Able to strike at a moments notice. The list goes on forever. In Chinese mythology I’m a snake person. What a combination. These days I’ve tamedContinue reading “Breath of Light”

Standing In The Rain

S torms bring and leave their own unique beauty. That’s what I was attempting to capture in order to give you an idea of what it feels like when a big storm moves into my neighborhood. I think of this picture not as a photograph, but as art. Art isn’t often literal. It’s autobiographical inContinue reading “Standing In The Rain”

Into the Twilight

S ometimes I just like to experiment with picture and forget WordPress experiments. That’s what I’m doing today. I started thinking that way yesterday, after I added a new contact form to my contact page. It was the same as my current contact page. It occurred to me that a lot of these new blocksContinue reading “Into the Twilight”

A Little Magic

U pside down. That’s what’s happening to my days. I go to bed early, as in early in the morning. I get up late, like around noon. I’m not sure why my body is doing this, but it’s fine with me. The weather is very hot and humid. Summer in southeastern Louisiana. Walking during theContinue reading “A Little Magic”