T hese pictures were made earlier in spring. But, it’s hot so I thought publishing something cool would be a a cool idea. See what I did? Pictures? Yeah, there are two. I’ll discuss that next door in the right hand column. You know, I’ll write on the right. Oh God, not again. Summer inContinue reading “Different”

A Little Burst

T here’s no other explanation for it. I must be crazy. I told myself when I decided to rework my website and blog that I was mostly going to feature straight photography. No more experimenting. That lasted about three weeks. There is a difference. In the past. I wouldn’t go as far as I could.Continue reading “A Little Burst”

And, It Stoned Me.

T he only day. I wanted to learn about the best time to publish Storyteller. .According to all the studies it’s 11 am Monday. Fair enough. But, that lead me to my standard question. Best time for who? That time might work in New York, but I live in New Orleans and you might liveContinue reading “And, It Stoned Me.”

How I Got Here Ain’t Exactly Clear

S ometimes, stuff just gets too hard. Tiredness sets in. You wonder just what the hell you were thinking. Here’s what I haven’t said yet. We are getting ready to return from our longest trip in years. We are returning from Abu Dhabi. I negotiated one show for musical miss. The promoters threw so muchContinue reading “How I Got Here Ain’t Exactly Clear”

Purple Haze

S till looking and experimenting in order to find a path forward. I layered two pictures which is nothing new for me. Then I added some of what I call inscribing that I used on that mostly black and white tree image a few days ago. Some people really like it. A couple people didn’tContinue reading “Purple Haze”

Thinking of a Place

I reckon we could all use a bit of color. It’s Friday. We sort of made it to someplace else. The weekend. I’m not excited about that. Working from home sort of tones that down. But, this is the start of Carnival and that means something even though I can’t photograph it. But, during paradeContinue reading “Thinking of a Place”

Begin Again

I t’s funny. I meant what I said. I don’t seem to be able to make a picture, or at least a meaningful one. Even this one. It’s just a bunch of old pictures stuck on top of each other. I have no idea why I can’t seem to work. I’m sure two years ofContinue reading “Begin Again”

True Colors

L et’s do some living… after we die. I borrowed that line from a song. Maybe you know it. I do. But, I’m not talking. But, I will talk about 2022. I’ve talked to some of you here. I’ve talked to some of you via Zoom, email, text, various private messaging methods and on theContinue reading “True Colors”

So Much

T here’s so much. Too much. Everywhere. All over the place. I’m starting to understand the problem. I’m beginning to understand what the internet’s democratization did. It opened the doors to everyone. That’s not a bad thing. Everyone deserves a chance. It clogged up all of the artistic pathways to the the people wanting toContinue reading “So Much”