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  • Rollin’

    Lighted wheel. In the French Quarter. I don’t know if this is a thing or not. Or, if bike riders are doing this anyplace else, but I saw it and I took a picture. They were riding through the crowd waiting for the Krewe of Joan of Arc in front of the St. Louis Cathedral […]

  • Another View

    Casting a shadow. Locally, people call this view “Touchdown Jesus.” What do expect from a city who has an NFL football team called “The Saints?” After all, we live in “Who Dat “city. I’ve photographed this scene from many angles. But, never straight on. I guess I thought that the bars on the fence would […]

  • Transportation in The French Quarter

    Speeding through The French Quarter at night… or, so it seems. Royal Street is like most of the other streets in The Quarter. Old. Narrow. Badly paved. When the paving really falls apart, it’s patched. Not very well. Because of that, nobody is going to speed through any street in The Quarter at any time. […]

  • Hanging Out in The French Quarter

    As the seasons change and the weather heats up for summer, the months of early spring get a little weird. There is fog. There is mist. There are gray skies that linger. One day the high temperature is 82 degrees, The next day it’s 51 degrees. But, that ain’t bad. At least it’s not the […]

  • A Lot of Restaurants

    Being away from home and on the road is not always fun. But, this Memphis trip was great fun. Especially eating. Eating can be entertainment when you are out. We went to a couple of places on Beale Street. Most of them are real touristy, but we found Polly’s. Great Southern food. And, the very […]

  • Merry Christmas

    That’s all I was going to write. Nothing more. And, post this picture. But, something happened that I want to tell you all about. I got lost. I rarely get lost even when I try to get lost. It’s just an instinct that I have. In my defense, getting to either Gramercy or Lutcher from […]

  • Little Christmas Details

    I was telling a friend of mine that sometimes the most story-telling picture is a detail shot. You sorta get to the heart of things by staying away from the overall scene and focusing on a small area. This picture is maybe a little wider than I’d normally shoot for a detail shot, but color, […]

  • Soon After Dusk

    Big, giant Christmas decorations. That’s what these are. They are presented to us by the very same people who hung up all those skeletons on their trees with great care. On Halloween. I remember seeing the skeleton collection grow over a few years. But, I do not remember this collection of big Christmas decorations. This […]

  • For True

    A new week. Let’s hope it is a lot better than the old week. I must admit that I was numb. Still am. Some. It’s very hard to work when I’m not all there because most of my work is based on my emotions. Oh sure, if I shoot a commercial job I put that […]