Tag: Like a Painting

  • Accidentally Late Night

    This is an accidental artwork. But, I love it. It’s another “found” picture, but this time it was lost intentionally. I didn’t really see the potential because it was so “grainy.” Once I opened it and looked at it again I realized that it was worthy of… something. Something means to me that it could […]

  • We All Want Something Beautiful

    A painting. Like a painting. That’s what I tried to do. I like abstract art. That’s a good thing. Because that’s what I made. The original image is a Swamp Lillie. I know. That’s not what it looks like. It wasn’t enough that I had to mess with it using Snapseed. Oh no. When I […]

  • Thanks

    Happy Thanksgiving. For those of you who follow from other countries, Happy Thursday. Or Friday. I made this picture from another picture. Which, in turn, was made for another picture. Sometimes I do that. Sometimes I make typos. After all, perfection is for angels. I post a picture and write a little something every day. […]

  • Experimental Fall

    Another day. Another experiment. I made this picture in the usual way. My original post production work was very bright. Very poppy. It was pretty good. But, these days I want a little more. So, I kept working and tinkering until I got beyond where I thought the picture should be. This is the result. […]

  • The Alternative

    An alternative reality. Yes. That’s what we are living in, and have been for a long time. Watching Ken Burns’ Vietnam series reminded me of that. There certainly was no transparency then. Apparently, every president including Kennedy knew the war was unwinnable. Yet we continued to pour troops and money into a corrupt country’s government. […]