The Other One

The other one. Yesterday, I wrote about seeing a delicate white and yellow flower. The one that I used as a layer behind a pink flower. Welp. This is the original flower with a little post production work done to it. I made it more colorful. I made the file a little more meaty. And,Continue reading “The Other One”

Picture A Day

I used to photograph a year-long project called picture a day. Or, PAD for short. The idea is to make a picture every day. There are a couple of ways to do this. One is to shoot just only one picture while taking your time to find the right angle, framing and light. The otherContinue reading “Picture A Day”

Experimental Fall

Another day. Another experiment. I made this picture in the usual way. My original post production work was very bright. Very poppy. It was pretty good. But, these days I want a little more. So, I kept working and tinkering until I got beyond where I thought the picture should be. This is the result.Continue reading “Experimental Fall”


I saw the line. Then I saw the rest of the picture. It took the right light to illuminate the scene. I’ve probably walked past this place 100 times and I never saw it this way. The light fell on all of the highlights and that’s what caught my eye. The rest is pretty normal.Continue reading “Shapes”

A Pay Phone. Two Ways.

This is Netflix’ fault. Or, Amazon Prime’s. I forget which one. I started out with a nice simple graphic image of an abandoned pay phone. It was cleaned up nicely by whoever owns the boarded up building. There is no actual phone and all the wires are removed. It looked sort of cool as a graphic image soContinue reading “A Pay Phone. Two Ways.”

What Happens in Las Vegas…

I mentioned yesterday that I was putting together little “curated” collections of my travel work for a new agency. Rather than put up galleries, I thought I’d show you a few pictures each day. As an overview, I made these pictures on two trips to Las Vegas for a book project. As you know, IContinue reading “What Happens in Las Vegas…”

Final Line (For Now)

This is another of my lines images. It’s sort of a levee. But, it faces Lake Ponchartrain at UNO. The grass is part of the levee, but the small cement wall is intended to prevent overtopping. I’m not sure how it worked during Hurricane Katrina. I know UNO (The University of New Orleans) was flooded,Continue reading “Final Line (For Now)”

Rail Lines and Lines.

I wrote that rather than go to Jazzfest on Sunday, we took a break. We did go see the close of the festival, but for most of the day we passed by parts of New Orleans in which I rarely travel. We started by going to Lake Ponchartrain and then drove east along the lake,Continue reading “Rail Lines and Lines.”

Air Train

I really like this bridge. It was one of the few bridges in the world were it trains look like they are flying. And, from the right angle, you really think that they do. This is The Huey P. Long Bridge. Locals call it “The Huey P.” It was completed in 1935 to replace TheContinue reading “Air Train”