In The Days Of My Youth

Yesterday was terrible. Luckily, it only got worse. It really started the night before when we learned that a man who is a friend to us all in the arts community was shot four times in an attempted home invasion. Bad guys can’t shoot. What could have been four shots to the chest at pointContinue reading “In The Days Of My Youth”

Common Thread

All you need to know is in the headline. I had an interesting day. It occurred to me just how common the threads that bind us together really are. We all seem to forget that. There has been an ongoing and emotional discussion in one of the photographers groups to which I belong. In manyContinue reading “Common Thread”

Dog of the Hour

She just had to look at the lens. So, I made her portrait. I made three frames and off she headed. As I wrote yesterday, WordPress made me a deal I couldn’t ignore. So here I am. I would have still been here until December 18, even if I hadn’t taken the deal. The funnyContinue reading “Dog of the Hour”

The Glow

A little mystery. When I was a young photographer, a mentor told me to imagine how a picture might be used when you are actually making it. He was referring to working on location and having a little trouble seeing the end result. For instance, that might mean leaving a lot of “dead space” towardContinue reading “The Glow”

A Coke and a Prayer

Something like that, anyway. After all my poking around temples and wats in Asia I came to realize that Buddhist monks, especially the young ones, are pretty much just like any other person you might meet on the street. They go shopping. I run into them in the high-tech shopping malls looking a computers. TheContinue reading “A Coke and a Prayer”