Working For A Living

A ugust. This is when strong people turn weird. Myself included. After all, this the month of big hurricanes. First came Katrina. On August 29, 2005. Then came Ida. On August 29, 2021. If that doesn’t spook you, nothing will. Katrina was the more destructive of the two, although Ida did her mean spirited thing.Continue reading “Working For A Living”

Everything Changes

E verything changes. Yes, it does. I was reading another blog called World Nomad News. Their magazine is called Get Lost at They are a much bigger than Storyteller. They usually suggest places to travel to and what to do when you get there. I think they publish monthly, mostly because the site isContinue reading “Everything Changes”

The past. My journey through the past. A couple of you said that you’d like to look at my work prior to your arrival at Storyteller. Very cool. I thought that I would work from June and as far back as I could go. I made this photograph in downtown Los Angeles. California. 20 milesContinue reading

Out on the Road… Trips.

Road Trips. America. Coast to coast. City to city. That’s what these pictures are about. I was having a hard time thinking about what more to show you from my assignments collections. Then it hit me. I mentioned working for a lot of travel publications. Guide books. Trade books. Corporate travel companies. Brochures. Magazines. And,Continue reading “Out on the Road… Trips.”

Easily Influenced

We watch Netflix. Netflix tells you when a television series you’ve been watching has new episodes. Like Walking Dead. Season 4. For those of you who don’t watch the show, it’s basically a video produced from a comic book about life after some huge armageddon when zombies rule the planet. Or at least, the country. You know.Continue reading “Easily Influenced”

Color. Shape.

Finally. More color. This is a strange little place. It’s been a bar, a restaurant and now a florist shop. The front is okay. But the back is so New Orleans that I photograph it almost every time I pass by. Since it’s located in my neighborhood — sort of — I can walk toContinue reading “Color. Shape.”

Bonfires on the Mississippi River

I did it. I kept my promise to you. A Christmas promise. Here’s the story. Every Christmas Eve, for as long as anybody can remember, bonfires have been lighted along the Mississippi River to guide Papa Noel downriver to New Orleans. This has been going on since the early 1800s. Yes. We are a veryContinue reading “Bonfires on the Mississippi River”

Falling Down

I’ve been photographing this little building on and off for over a decade. I guess that I just like the shape and its isolation from the rest of the street. The pizza joint on the ground floor holds special memories for me. Well, for a lot of us. It was one of the first placesContinue reading “Falling Down”