A Long Way From Anywhere

T oday is a little nostalgic. I’m not sure why. Maybe I’m longing for a different time, a past time. A more peaceful time when people didn’t get shot attending a holiday parade or going to school, a time when children didn’t know how to hide from a gunman with some kind of semi-automatic AR-15.Continue reading “A Long Way From Anywhere”

In A Daydream

No time for my project in the last couple of days so I’ll show you some of the pictures that I’ve been making on simple walks, some with the all seeing dog and some by myself. After all, we all need a little solitude. Besides, the all seeing dog is starting to show her age.Continue reading “In A Daydream”

Mystifies Me

This is what I saw. Just before dusk. The football team — The Saints — were in the middle of a playoff game. The dog who sees things doesn’t care about football. She only knows what she knows. Like, “I need to go outside and you’d better take me.” Not being the greatest football fan,Continue reading “Mystifies Me”


Always learning. That’s what Storyteller is about. That’s what I try to do. It ain’t always easy. You can rile up some people along the way. You ask questions that can’t be answered. I ran into that yesterday. It was that music thing. The blogger thought that I was offended. I have no idea howContinue reading “Searching”

We Are All Photographers Now

See what I mean? Look at all those people taking pictures. There are six smartphones that I can count and I think a see a seventh hiding behind the blue umbrella. That’s a lot of pictures made in just a few minutes. That’s a lot of uploads to these folks’ favorite social media. That explainsContinue reading “We Are All Photographers Now”

More Dogs

More dogs. I bet you thought that I ran out. Nooooooo…. I photographed lotsa dogs. Dogs doing all sorts of things. But, given the circumstances, the thing they did best was be patient. It amazes me, sometimes, when dogs just completely roll with everything and turn very Zen. The humans among us could learn someContinue reading “More Dogs”

Seeing Stuff

Seeing. Pictures are everywhere. Just look around. These are dog walking pictures. They are fine. Seeing is seeing. And, I don’t seem to do much else these days. So, I might as well do the best with what I have. The dogs are pretty good about it. When they see me stop to take aContinue reading “Seeing Stuff”

Looking at You

I need to get out more. I made the portrait before I returned to New Orleans. I was back for a visit when I ran into this guy on the street in The French Quarter. He’s an old friend. We had a coffee and went our own ways. I thought, at the time, that itContinue reading “Looking at You”

Looking Down. Sometimes.

Look up. Look down. Look all around. Or, as some people call it… being situationally aware. Every one of these pictures was made within a few days of each other. Usually after a storm rolled through. I probably could have made these with my smart phone since that always goes everywhere. But, I’ve been aContinue reading “Looking Down. Sometimes.”