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  • Contrasts

    I don’t know if y’all are seeing this, but I am receiving a message at the top of this page. Today’s was are you night or morning person? They don’t show up on a published page. Obviously, I know what the question means, but I don’t know why they are there. Are they intended as […]

  • A Long Time Ago

    O nce upon a time I lived in Los Angeles. My habit of wandering around began years before, but it was revived when I lived there, this time in color. I was looking around on Sunday near what was then called, “The Blue Whale,” when I saw it. A 1930s gas station. It was still […]

  • Golden Los Angeles

    R esearch, research, research. As I dig through my archives I remember pictures that I forgot. I shot this picture for Lonely Planet, but not for their guidebooks. It was for their trade books which most people call coffee table books. I didn’t shoot the entire book, just a chapter or so. At the time […]

  • In A MatterOf Time

    L os Angeles. One time a few years ago, I was photographing a chapter of a book. It was about the downtown area. You think beaches when you travel to Southern California. That would have been fun. But, oh no. My assignment was for downtown. So, I did my best and before you knew it […]

  • The past. My journey through the past. A couple of you said that you’d like to look at my work prior to your arrival at Storyteller. Very cool. I thought that I would work from June and as far back as I could go. I made this photograph in downtown Los Angeles. California. 20 miles […]

  • On Mother’s Day

    It’s Mother’s Day. Go see her. Today. Spend some time with her. Today. Buy her flowers. Today. Take her to her to a great meal. Today. Do anything else you can think of with her. Today. Because you just never know. My mom passed 20 years ago. In July. I didn’t get a chance to […]

  • Another Side (Of Downtown LA)

    Whaddya think? Los Angeles Chinatown or Hong Kong? Well, these pictures are a small portfolio of my Downtown Los Angeles assignment. I’d like to say that LA Chinatown is just like Hong Kong and nothing like the Chinatowns found everywhere else in The United States. But, that wouldn’t be true. San Francisco is probably more […]

  • The Other LA (Los Angeles)

    So. This is another collection of photographs that were produced as a book assignment. This time, the book was about Los Angeles. But, not all of it. Just downtown. Working in one place really makes life easy. I suppose the most important thing is that I could work the area and not need to drive. […]

  • LA Boots

    Okay. That’s Los Angeles, not Louisiana. This is a very old picture. So old, that it was made on the original Velvia. That’s film to those of you who grew up in the digital age.I’m posting this picture now because one of the things that I did in the past few weeks is that I […]