Plug Me in

Finally. A real autumn sky, one with low yellow light. Light that peeks through the clouds and paints everything in front of it orange. One that turns the dusk sky dark blue, bordering on black. That’s what we saw on a late afternoon walk that turned into almost night. The all seeing dog was sleepingContinue reading “Plug Me in”

Day Breaks

Quiet times. Normally The French Quarter is noisy. People are walking around in all states of decay. Some are tired. Some are lost. Many are drunk. Every now and then, you can find a beautiful stillness on the old cobbled streets. Both times of day have golden light and long shadows. The most predictable timeContinue reading “Day Breaks”

Now You See It

Painted sky. A particular kind of summer sky. If you aren’t looking up, it’s likely that you’ll miss it. If you don’t see light, and color, it’s like that you won’t get it. I was talking to a somebody that I know a little. I was describing what I saw. She looked at me withContinue reading “Now You See It”


It’s still pretty hot and humid. However, the light is changing. The sun is lower in the sky. Shadows and surfaces are being illuminated in really pretty ways.  This was the first scene I saw that told me even with our heat and humidity, autumn is here. I should have known. Night is arriving earlier.Continue reading “Understanding”

Royal Street

Not quite golden light. But, interesting enough. The paint job helps. A lot. In many ways the colors represent the late 1800s in New Orleans. I many ways they don’t. They are modern. Updated. Nice and bright. The contrast against the blue striped Victorian wallpaper works pretty well. But… you knew this was coming. It’sContinue reading “Royal Street”


Sunday. Something pretty. But first, a little transparency and an apology to my Facebook friends who have already seen and liked the square version of this picture. I don’t mean to be doubling up, but since your response was so good I thought I would share this with my Storyteller friends too. This picture isContinue reading “Original”

World of Strange Design

The light is ugly. The rain has been heavy. Normally, you know what I say to that. “When the weather turns bad, the pictures get good.” Normally. But, not these past few days. The light has been beyond ugly. Flat. Dark. Heavy. Heavy? Oh wait, that’s the very humid quality of the air. It’s aContinue reading “World of Strange Design”


Wow! Who took that picture? That’s what I was thinking as I did what I call the final clean up edit of my Bayou Boogaloo take. The picture is an illustration of something that I preach constantly. Look around. Don’t fall into the trap of tunnel vision. My best example is photographing an amazing sunset. Take thoseContinue reading “Seeing”