Tag: Lower 9th Ward

  • The Long Road

    Just a couple of things. I made this picture just about as far out in The Lower Ninth Ward as I could go. I probably shouldn’t have been out there so late in the day. This is where unsuspecting people get shot. I’m not even sure it’s intentional. I think young teenagers, er, little punks […]

  • Two By Two

    T his seems like I’m carrying yesterday’s post a little bit too far. I’m really not although it could be said that I really just documenting another kind of disaster. At least this one was natural. This is the Lower 9th Ward a few summers after Hurricane Katrina and the failure of the levees just […]

  • What an Anniversary

    H ere it comes. Hurricane Ida blowing through the gulf. She is expected to make landfall in Louisiana around 2pm on Sunday, August 29. Something just walked up my back as I wrote that. A kind of chilling thing. A kind of dread. Because. August 29th is the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina making landfall […]

  • A Dream of America

    A ccording to The Washington Post, The President just said that Congress had reach a bi-partisan agreement on the infrastructure bill. All I can say is that is about damn time. If ever there was a city in need of infrastructure repair it’s New Orleans. You are looking at one of two drawbridges that cross […]

  • World of Strange Design

    River gets faster not slower. A Jimmy Buffett line if there ever was one. I made this photograph on the Ninth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina making landfall in Buras, Louisiana. All that followed in the next weeks and months is history. In about two months, we’ll be acknowledging the 15th anniversary of that hellhound. So […]

  • Stranger To Himself

    Very experimental. Since the all seeing dog isn’t walking so far these days because she isn’t quite well, I haven’t been looking about very much. I’d start seriously looking for pictures as our restrictions drop, but the sky is too blue and the sun is too bright. Ridiculous, I know. My best work is done […]

  • Into the Lower 9th Ward

    I’m sort of running out of pictures. That’s mostly because I’m living my other life for the next week or so. No worries. I have plenty of pictures stashed away that you haven’t seen. For that matter, they are pictures that I’ve sort of forgotten about. Pictures like this one, a nice bucolic meadow picture. […]

  • Out in the Lower 9th

    This is what I saw. I told you about this yesterday. I made this picture in the Lower 9th Ward. Houses stacked on other houses. Houses stacked on cars. Cars completely left to die after the water finally receded. The Lower 9th Ward was a vibrant community on the downriver side of the Industrial Canal. […]

  • New Orleans – A Few Weeks Later

    Like a moth to a flame. I kept going back. At first, every week or so. I had to know what would become of a once vibrant neighborhood of blue-collar people. While it is true that many people lost their lives out here, many more didn’t. It is still sacred ground. It always will be. […]