Time for a Change

Yes. Time to get back to documenting stuff and playing with it in order to turn it into some kind of art. Or, something like that. This is the Florida Avenuei Bridge located in the lowest part of the Ninth Ward as possible. It’s closed for now. That’s a good thing. It crossed the Industrial Canal nearContinue reading “Time for a Change”

Flowers Everywhere

You guys like flowers. I do too. So, here’s one more picture. I promise I’ll get back to some of my usual work… soon. This field of flowers means something to me and probably the people who live near them. I photographed them in the heart of the destroyed Lower 9th Ward. Even though mostContinue reading “Flowers Everywhere”


… I lied. Not a big lie. Not a whopper. A little one. I wrote that Spring was over in New Orleans. I ought to get out more. Before I blew that pop stand, I did my semi-monthly swing through the Lower Ninth Ward. I’m determined to follow its progress photographically as it tries to come backContinue reading “Apparently…”

Did You Ever Wonder?

As you know, I like to work from the inside out. I like to be part of the parade. In fact, I like to be part of almost any activity that I photograph. I like to work closer to the subject. I like to engage the subject. I like to give you a view thatContinue reading “Did You Ever Wonder?”

A Little Turned Around

I’ve been posting a lot on various social media sites. This is an effort to step up my  online presence. I’m not sure that it really matters because nobody really wants to do anything with pictures except look at them and, er, “borrow” them. Looking at them is great. “Borrowing” them is not. I’m tellingContinue reading “A Little Turned Around”

Out on the Road. Take Two.

Well. We started improving. Then we started coughing. Pretty badly. Now we are worse. The funny thing about viruses is that you can’t do much about them. Sure. There are OTC treatments. There is steam. There is rest. Lots of fluids. But, until you really start to tank and your virus turns into something infectious,Continue reading “Out on the Road. Take Two.”

Same Day. Another Second Line.

The pictures that you are viewing are from the first parade I photographed on Sunday. Even though, for me, the Mandela second line was probably more meaningful, this parade was the first one of the day. It was truly the more neighborhood-based parade. Most of the paraders and the spectators were local 9th Ward folks.Continue reading “Same Day. Another Second Line.”

Into The Ninth Ward (Again)

Long term readers of  Storyteller know this place. It’s on the far downriver side of Holy Cross. You’ve been inside. This was the place with green wooden walls and the old American flag on the wall. Remember? I’m a creature of habit so I decided to cruise by and see if anything changed. It did.Continue reading “Into The Ninth Ward (Again)”

Stormy Weather

Finally. A new computer. I am sooooooooo behind. But, most businesses like mine are calling it a day at around noon so people can get into the chaos called Thanksgiving travel. That gives me a little time to catch up. No, no, no. I’m not working tomorrow. But, this computer is the fastest one thatContinue reading “Stormy Weather”