For A While

Twisted. Trunks. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a version of this picture for a couple of years. I’m not sure what the trees are, but they are primordial. They are original trees from the days when much of “backatown” New Orleans was a swamp. A swamp that was reclaimed. Drained andContinue reading “For A While”

All of the Colors

More cold. The few blooming flowers are no more. They don’t like the cold temperatures. They pass into another world. The world of compost. The world of endings. This happens before their seeds are passed from flower to flower. There are no flying insects to do that job. They do another job. They catch myContinue reading “All of the Colors”

Here’s Yer Winter

Winter. Not winter. No. I’m not gloating. I just feel lucky. After being in the cold north for a bit and coming back to NOLA, I realized just how good we have it. In late fall, winter and spring. The rest of the year is hot, humid, sticky and generally miserable. We all try toContinue reading “Here’s Yer Winter”

Shapes and Shadows

Sticky days and very hot nights. I’ve noticed that I don’t see a lot of my neighbors. There’s a good reason for this. Everybody is tired of our super sticky days. With the last storm, the humidity has increased to almost unbearable levels. I call it a four t-shirt, three shower, day. They stay insideContinue reading “Shapes and Shadows”

Into The Magenta

Sometimes nature is amazing. The colors. The details. Rebirth. It all is wonderful. Even if you can almost set your calendar by it. Down here, spring starts early. By the first or second week of February. I’m sorry about those of you who still have snow on the ground. Really, I am. We’ve already beenContinue reading “Into The Magenta”

On Another Sunday

A Sunday picture. Bold, beautiful and big. And, magenta. I’d leave it at that, but there is one thing I’d like to share. This is an iPhone picture. With the latest operating system, Apple made some changes. The phone’s camera has many more tools, including the one I used to make this picture… a macro function.Continue reading “On Another Sunday”

Something for a Sunday

A bright, happy and energetic Sunday picture it there ever was one. Happy Sunday. Oh. For those of you who want to learn a technique, here it is. Set your gear to everything auto. Stick your phone or your camera into the bush, flower, tree or whatever. Push the shutter release button and let yourContinue reading “Something for a Sunday”

Picture A Day

I used to photograph a year-long project called picture a day. Or, PAD for short. The idea is to make a picture every day. There are a couple of ways to do this. One is to shoot just only one picture while taking your time to find the right angle, framing and light. The otherContinue reading “Picture A Day”

On Sunday

Happy Mother’s Day to every mother in Storyteller land. For those of you who live in countries that don’t celebrate today, happy Sunday. Or, Monday if you live on the other side of the dateline. I have a classic Mother’s Day picture that I’ve posted in the past. Guess what? Our friends at Facebook dugContinue reading “On Sunday”