Follow The Sun

Nature. She never sleeps nor, does she stop. She’ll take away and add all in the search for stasis. That’s why I’m pretty sure CoVid19 os nature’s way of telling us something’s wrong. If only we’d listen. Fighting nature is the wrong war. We’d be better off if we do like I do with theContinue reading “Follow The Sun”

The Junkman Cometh

A short story. I wrote about the very strong discussions in two groups that I follow. I fixed both of them. I dropped out of the groups. Too much noise, no signal. There is today’s comment. Unless you can peek behind the curtain, and really see the action, you don’t know the truth. The commenterContinue reading “The Junkman Cometh”

Starting Small

Something simple. I’ve been reading a lot about the future by studying the past up to now. I’ve said repeatedly that I don’t want things to return to normal. I want them to be better. I like the idea of NCY closing a lot of streets to traffic so people can walk about freely, butContinue reading “Starting Small”

Stone, Metal and Glass

New Orleans. You don’t think of my city this way. It’s true. We are funky. We are old. We have many buildings that are well over 100 years old. Houses in the Garden District are 150 years old. My first house in the 7th Ward was built in 1837. It was the second common houseContinue reading “Stone, Metal and Glass”

Another Lock

I found another one. A lock. That’s two days in a row. This time it was just sitting on a curb. Locked tight. It looked like it had been left there on purpose. It took me a long time to figure out how to even make the picture. When I did, I didn’t like theContinue reading “Another Lock”

Shapes of Things to Come

This is what comes of walking. Little pictures. Hidden pictures. A weird kind of art. What I saw is very different from the finished picture. That happens sometimes. It usually happens in post production. This time, all I did was darken the picture and the whole thing came together into some strange photographic statement. For which, IContinue reading “Shapes of Things to Come”

Parts is Parts

This is a spin on old advertising saying. “Parts is parts and pieces is pieces.” If I recall correctly, somebody was advertising fried chicken. This isn’t fried chicken. This is the internal working of an old watch. A few weeks ago I posted a picture of some of my dad’s old stuff on Instagram. EverybodyContinue reading “Parts is Parts”

A Little Steam Punk

A giant thing. A steam Punk guard to the place that took me a couple of tries to find. Rosalie Alley. What is that? Near as I can tell, it’s one of the last remaining dirt alleys in all of New Orleans. Let’s talk about this for just a minute. In New Orleans, the definitionContinue reading “A Little Steam Punk”

Rust Never Sleeps

Well. I’m back to it. Chasing weather and looking for junk. It’s sort of cool how my main business has also become my hobby. I guess an old friend of mine’s words have become true. He once told me to “get a hobby job.” He’s Chinese. That’s a literal translation from Mandarin. It might notContinue reading “Rust Never Sleeps”