Hand on My Back

A lot of thought. Art, in its best form, is supposed to make a connection. It is supposed to make your viewers or readers feel something. A lot of people have been doing that to me. A friend of mine lost her dog last week. The dog was old and it was time. She wroteContinue reading “Hand on My Back”

Dead Can Dance

I made these photographs last Monday. To be honest, I hadn’t thought of photographing a cemetery on Holocaust Memorial Day. I was buying king cakes at the King Cake Hub that happens to be located in a building that houses the Haunted Mansion on Halloween.  Behind the mansion building, which looks like it once belongedContinue reading “Dead Can Dance”

Beefed Up Security

I saw this little guy while I was meeting friends for lunch. This little carving may be the best possible security in New Orleans.  Better than the NOPD. Better than the guys in jeeps and drink coffee in my neighborhood. Would you try to break into this house with this guy sitting there? Lord knowsContinue reading “Beefed Up Security”

Little Angel

This little statue is scary. This does not bring the word “angelic” to mind. It looks a little twisted. Maybe I should go back there one of these days and see if I still see it in the same way. If it is still there. This cemetery is sort of what used to be calledContinue reading “Little Angel”

It Comes and It Goes

A street portrait. It took three attempts to write anything that I even marginally liked. Then, I realized I didn’t like the original crop of the picture. So. I re-cropped the picture. And, this is my fourth attempt at writing anything meaningful. I like the crop much better. It was too wide and skinny the firstContinue reading “It Comes and It Goes”

On the Other Side of the World

I found this. On the other side of the world. Or, some place along Bayou. St. John. Whichever comes first. If you live in New Orleans you might know where this place is located. If you don’t live in the city, it doesn’t matter. In any case, I’m not being very precise about its location. It’sContinue reading “On the Other Side of the World”

The Tuba Starts It

That’s what they say. The Tuba starts it. When you hear the first notes from the tuba you know the second line is about to begin. Playing a tuba is hard work. It’s heavy. The musician playing it walks about five or six miles. Maybe more. So, until it’s time to go to work, theContinue reading “The Tuba Starts It”

New Leaders

The new leaders. The young ones. The ones who carry the future. In their hands. I call them Baby Indians. I say that with all and deepest respect. And, admiration. They are learning early. They will be the leaders of the city. One day. Soon. The pictures were made at the beginning of the KeepingContinue reading “New Leaders”

And, the Music

Keeping’ it Real. Sunday’s second line. Between the march for non violence and the second line, there must have been about six or seven divisions. But, they were short, little tiny groups. As I said to a friend of mine on the scene, I must have walked the same 30 yards about ten times. That was okay.Continue reading “And, the Music”