A new week, a new approach. It is so new that the flower is still standing. Usually something like this blooms and the next day it’s gone. No. Humans didn’t pick them. Birds eat them. And, that’s a good thing. Anyway. A little good news. You’ve all read about my physical travails. No need toContinue reading “Simple”

In The Days Of My Youth

Yesterday was terrible. Luckily, it only got worse. It really started the night before when we learned that a man who is a friend to us all in the arts community was shot four times in an attempted home invasion. Bad guys can’t shoot. What could have been four shots to the chest at pointContinue reading “In The Days Of My Youth”

Between Here And Gone

D o you want to help Ukraine? Then help Poland, specifically Warsaw. They have absorbed almost two million refugees. Their systems are cracking under the weight of so many extra people. Lodging, food , medical and schools are really feeling the strain. One of their leaders said something like,I can turn some away from careContinue reading “Between Here And Gone”

Nothing But Problems

W ordpress was not my friend today. It was my enemy. I was trying to upload a picture from my desktop. I tried four times. It crashed four times. Not the app. My computer. When that happens it takes forever to reboot and add the other apps and browser. When I do that I foundContinue reading “Nothing But Problems”

Green Food

T his is one time that I’m not going to discuss what you are seeing. I’ll leave that to you. Let’s just say this. I almost converted this picture into black and white. After looking at it, I realized that I didn’t what I was looking at. I’ll add one more thing to get youContinue reading “Green Food”

American Stooge

Sad. That’s what I am. The capitol’s violence broke my heart. My country is so broken that I have no idea what to do. It’s above my pay grade. That’s not all. I’m angry. I’m hurt. And, I knew it was bad when Turkey told us to settle down and mediate this. Turkey? Really? WeContinue reading “American Stooge”


Out on a walk. A dog walk. What else would I be doing? We went out at about blue hour. That wasn’t intentional. The dog who takes me for walks wanted to go out. So, out we went. The sky was kind of magical in every direction. I unleashed the magical phone to try toContinue reading “Winterlude”

Sky & Bubbles

The minimalistic version. The one I promised yesterday. The one with clouds in the water. And bubbles on the water. And one leaf. And orange leaf. To give it a sense of location. A sense of place. Of top and bottom. After living with this picture for a couple of days, I realized what inspiredContinue reading “Sky & Bubbles”


Sometimes I take things a little too far. This next picture may be an example of that. It’s another flower picture. But, I’ve distilled the image down to its most basic elements. It’s minimalist, but it may be too minimal. I guess that I’ll find out soon since this blog is a pretty good wayContinue reading “Sometimes…”