T he next day. We needed coffee. Good coffee. It turned out that a coffee house was less than two short blocks from our hotel. Even better were the people who worked there. The were friendly and energetic. One of them took us to this place, an empty club. Apparently, it was fully functioning untilContinue reading “Boxes”


T his is the kind of place that we saw on our drive to Natchez. That’s Mississippi, in case you were unclear on it. Stopping at little places like this were one of the reasons the drive too so long. This place was closed. The drive would have taken longer if it had been openContinue reading “Boxes”

Christmastime in the South

It’s the season. A little Christmas. A little southern. A little over done. A little winter. A little snow. Obviously, I didn’t make this picture this year. It’s been too warm in the south. Instead. I did what many visual people do. I photographed it when I could. I saved it. I published when itContinue reading “Christmastime in the South”

About a Daddy

Southern tales. Southern stories. A love story. One night I was talking to my friend, Chesley Thompson. She’s a Southerner. Born and raised. She has family all over the south, especially in Mississippi and Louisiana. She’s a school teacher. An incredible school teacher. Just ask her former students. I met her at UNO when we wereContinue reading “About a Daddy”

Sometimes I Walk

Well. Mostly I like to walk. Trains. Planes. And, automobiles. They are just for getting someplace quickly. To see. To really see, you have to walk. Walking gives you just enough time to see what’s coming and to react in order to make the picture. And, you can see the details. The devil is inContinue reading “Sometimes I Walk”


I was experimenting a little the other night. I wanted to see what my little Sony NEX could do at night. I should have known being that the sensor is the same as a Nikon D7000. But, even so, the processor is different. It is supposed to be better because it is newer. So. ThisContinue reading “Weird”