We Live Here

I wasn’t sure what to say about these pictures because many of them are commercial but a portrait is a portrait and as a photographer I’ve never been “slick.” I generally make pictures “my way.” That is not to say that I don’t listen to clients, creatives and editors. I reckon that you hire meContinue reading “We Live Here”

Goin’ Back

G oing back even further. Back to around 1980 to be exact. Back to a time when pictures were made on film. Black and white film called Tri-X. Its ISO was 400 but it could be manipulated in exposure and development. I’d like to say that those were the days. But, they weren’t. I workedContinue reading “Goin’ Back”

Open and Closed

Open and closed… at one time. Mardi Gras 2017 has been in the history books since Wednesday morning at 12:01 am. With that,  my Mardi Gras pictures are closing for this year too. Of course, I’m two days late. But, that’s usual for me. Mardi Gras was good. The parades were good. Looking back to theContinue reading “Open and Closed”

132 Years

What a day. There were 911 remembrances just about everywhere. The NFL opened their Sunday season with the New Orleans Saints being defeated by the Oakland Raiders (among other American football games) and The Young Men Olympians Social Aid and Pleasure Club walked the first of their two yearly parades. Why two? Today’s second line wasContinue reading “132 Years”


This is about it for last Sunday’s second line. You know. The VIP Ladies and Kids Social Aid and Pleasure Club featuring, not one, but two brass bands. The Stooges Music Group and The Hot 8. You know me. Brass bands seem to inspire me. I’m around a lot of music. But, I’m not around much brassContinue reading “Moments”

Other Portraits. Too.

Portraits. I don’t always make pictures of subjects that move my artistic sensibilities. Sometimes, I actually have to work for a living. These ten pictures are an example of my paid work. Work I rarely show you on Storyteller. Work that I did for various clients and agencies. Some was made as art directed stock.Continue reading “Other Portraits. Too.”


It’s moments like these. That make working in the heat and humidity completely worthwhile. Yeah. Sure. I like the music. I like the social aid and pleasure clubs. The Indians when they come out. Even though I really don’t like big crowds, if the truth be told, I like these crowds. But, I really like the littleContinue reading “Moments”

Just to See (A Little Portfolio)

Just to see… what I could see. I took a Sunday morning walk through the French Quarter. I realized that I haven’t done this in a long time. Probably over a year-and-a-half. When we were traveling so much, I used to take a fast walk through the French Quarter on Sunday morning after returning home.Continue reading “Just to See (A Little Portfolio)”

Dog Days, Dog Stars and Backatown

The dog days of summer are here. Many of the city’s best restaurants are closed for a two-week break. Many of our friends are some place else. Like the beach. I really don’t like the idea of working. On anything. Or, for anybody. It’s just too hot. Too humid. I expect the power to eventually fail.Continue reading “Dog Days, Dog Stars and Backatown”