I Forgive It All

There are times when I forget what I’ve done in the past. I made this picture four years ago and I cannot remember doing it. I probably made it on the way to someplace else like a second line. You know me. I’m not a fan of useless data. But, sometimes it helps. Here’s aContinue reading “I Forgive It All”

A Revelation

I met this guy on the way to somewhere else. That’s when the best pictures happen. I was walking to the second line in Central City. I parked a few blocks away. A little distance is important so I could make a quick getaway. That is, if I want to jump to another location. I’m notContinue reading “A Revelation”

Portraits. Out on the Street.

I have a couple of friends who call themselves street photographers. I like their work. But, I’m not sure I get it. The name, not their work. I get their work. I shoot portraits on the street a lot. Y’all know that. But, I just think of myself as either a photographer or a photojournalist.Continue reading “Portraits. Out on the Street.”

Real Good For Free

There is an old Joni Mitchell song called “Real Good For Free.”  The middle verse goes like this. “Now me I play for fortune, And those velvet curtain calls, I’ve got a black limousine, And two gentlemen, Escorting me to the halls, And I play if you have the money, Or if you’re a friend to me, But the one man band, ByContinue reading “Real Good For Free”

Concrete Canyons

I was looking at this picture that I made in Admiralty, Hong Kong and realized just how power the island had become. Most of the buildings that form the backdrop of this image are banks. major banks with their Asian home offices located in Hong Kong. The pinkish buildings in the foreground are housing estates,Continue reading “Concrete Canyons”

One Night. One Place.

I mentioned having dinner at The Clover Grill in yesterday’s post. Today, I thought I’d show you a picture. Just one. Sometimes, I feel protective of the places I like. At any rate, The Clover Grill is located on the down river end of Bourbon Street in The French Quarter just where things start toContinue reading “One Night. One Place.”

Motion Studies & Links

Normally, I share my work here. Today as is no exception. But, I’d also like to share a couple of websites with you. I’ll get to my work in a minute. But, first a note about the websites. Lost Brothers is a subject near and dear to my heart. During the Vietnam War there wereContinue reading “Motion Studies & Links”