There was a Time

Once upon a time I spent a lot of time in Hong Kong. I lived there. I worked there. I wandered around and made pictures there. This is one of them x three. This is yet another experiment in post production, in page design, in actually making the picture itself. I don’t know what IContinue reading “There was a Time”

Golden Los Angeles

R esearch, research, research. As I dig through my archives I remember pictures that I forgot. I shot this picture for Lonely Planet, but not for their guidebooks. It was for their trade books which most people call coffee table books. I didn’t shoot the entire book, just a chapter or so. At the timeContinue reading “Golden Los Angeles”

I Wish I Had A River

E very time. Every. Damn. Time. Whenever the boneheads at WordPress think that they are helping, they don’t. Yesterday’s post didn’t trigger untilI saw that it didn’t. Today. It took and act of God to upload the correct picture today. And, those drop caps? They are hidden behind a pulldown for typography. If that’s notContinue reading “I Wish I Had A River”

Wintertime Winds Blue and Freezing

So cold. The air is cold. The wind is cold. The trees are bare. It’s winter. Even in New Orleans. It doesn’t last like it does in the north. But, it does get cold. Combine cold air with ambient humidity and we feel it. Last night, the weather guy said the weather wasn’t quite asContinue reading “Wintertime Winds Blue and Freezing”

Some Kind of Berry

Nice, low golden light. That’s what I saw when I was outside. I needed a subject and there wasn’t one. Until I looked closer. A lot closer. Even those these berries look fairly large in the picture, they aren’t. They are about the size of my pinkie fingernail. Except that they are round. I don’tContinue reading “Some Kind of Berry”


It’s a funny thing. We think of monochrome as being black and white, or something sepia or in some shades of gray. Nature taught me something different. Monochrome can be any color as long as there aren’t contrasting colors. This picture is green and faded shades of green which became yellow. It’s also a monochromaticContinue reading “Changes”

Thirty Days of Spook

Halloween and New Orleans. They fit together like white on rice. Or, something like that. I thought that I would do a theme page for the thirty days leading up the big scare fest. No. I’m not given up on political commentary… when it’s needed. I will point out the Pumpkin Head (see how nicelyContinue reading “Thirty Days of Spook”

A City in Color

I’m back to it. The first thing to understand is that I did not intentionally make a statement with my post production explorations. I am really just letting the picture take me wherever it wants to go. However, I know what this picture looks like. The apocalyptic future. Something out of one of those “Escape fromContinue reading “A City in Color”