Tag: Monochrome

  • As I Saw It

    Travel photography. Only richer and fuller. This photograph was made in Seligman, Arizona on Route 66. The editing came out of my head. Late at night where most good things happen.

  • The Road… Heaven… The Party.

    Stories. That’s why we do the things we do. For the stories we could tell. At least that’s what the man who never celebrates his birthday says. Jimmy Buffett, the well known singer of song was born on Christmas Day. He’s 76, or maybe not depending on what kind of mood he is in. He […]

  • About A Half A Tank

    That’s just about how much gas it takes to get to this forlorn place from Albuquerque if you are driving.I found this place. I made a few pictures and kept going until I came to the next place like you do. This is not a new picture, but it is one that I like. Aside […]

  • Old Stories

    When I was very young, a boy, my parents thought it was a good idea for some of us to spend the summer in Brooklyn. We traded a balmy summer in Long Beach where The Pacific Ocean was just a few miles away for the hot and humid streets of South Brooklyn. We always took […]

  • Long Time Gone

    There are three stories to tell. The first is about the news. I made this picture in the old abandoned power plant that is near the river. It was abandoned in the 1970s. There have development plans over the years. None of them have come to fruition. Last week, I think, a young urbex photographer […]

  • In My Life

    N ot business as usual. Not this week, not any week. We’ve all been through something, the worst of which might be over, but it is not over yet. People are still getting sick. We had to cancel two shows. A crew member was sick. America seems to have declared, “pandemic over.” It isn’t. It […]

  • Cold, Cold, Cold

    W hen I talk about photographing on assignment many people think it’s all glamour and excitement. Now, that I work in the background of making music I know that glamour is the last thing on anybody’s minds. It’s hard work and most of it sucks. Getting back to strictly photography, I once wrote that I […]

  • Troubles

    I started thinking about our world. Normally, I’d like to think I’m positive in general, but not right these days. Our world is a terrible place. There is the elephant in the room, CoVid19 which became political when it was scientific. Even though the numbers are rising at the rate of five times faster than […]

  • Questions

    A rant. A slight rant. Mardi Gras parade season began last night with Krewe du Vieux walking through the French Quarter. In all the pictures that I saw I counted one mask, no social distancing. Many of the pictures were made by friends of mine who also didn’t wear masks. I think that in about […]