Me And My Mountain

I thought that it would be a good idea to show you what it’s like to be on The Sandias rather than just show you the mountain range from a distance. I made this picture in late Autumn. It was so cold up there that I had to wear gloves until I actually was shooting.Continue reading “Me And My Mountain”

Sandias. A Study in Color.

Well. I thought we were getting better. But, if chills aches and pains mean we are getting better… It’s a virus. I doubt a doctor’s visit will do much so we’ll have to tough it out, lay around and drink lots of water and do next to nothing. If I was feeling better that wouldContinue reading “Sandias. A Study in Color.”

Painted Skies

I was reading something in Burn magazine about “A Sea of Light.” When I looked at the images, I realized that often I shoot a lot like the featured photographer, Elena Perlino. No. Our work isn’t always similar, but I do a lot of the loose kind of shooting that she does. And, I oftenContinue reading “Painted Skies”