Swamp Floor

Southeastern Louisiana is an outdoor hothouse. Heat, humidity and rainfall make it so.  We have weird growth. Until I moved here I never saw a red mushroom. I see them towards the end of summer. There are also white ones. Brown ones. Huge misshapen ones. I’ve lived in a lot of places. Louisiana is theContinue reading “Swamp Floor”


This made me smile. The bright red mushroom made me think of a hobbit. All bright and colorful. Attractive. Pretty. Seeing them made me smile. And, I’m pretty sure if you ingested it, you wouldn’t like the effects. It’s called the Fly Agaric. It’s the classic toadstool of children’s books. Often, their caps are moreContinue reading “Hobbitville”

Mushroom in Black & White

This is what happens when we get a lot of rain, combined with summer’s heat and normal humidity. Weird mushrooms. And, black and white art. I made this picture in between storms. In some areas of the neighborhood, water was still standing. What am I saying? Was? We haven’t had heavy rainfall in a coupleContinue reading “Mushroom in Black & White”