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  • Never

    I promise you, I never make self portraits. Selfies are a thing that I think are exceptionally narcissistic. I accidentally took a picture of myself that I kinda liked, because I intentionally made myself look wrinkly and dry old. I experimented with that for a while, but you never saw them. Ugh. I don’t really […]

  • When The Rainbow Comes

    When I actually used to make pictures for a living, I used to travel to photograph advertising, some commercial and a little editorial work. Most of the pictures looked that way. Between professional “creatives” and my own limited skills my work often had a certain predictable boring look. It was what they wanted, so I […]

  • The Game

    Dream It It usually comes to me in a dream even if I find it in the street after it came to me. That’s the easiest part for me. It just comes in the night from someplace else. Create it This is the hardest part. Turning a dream into reality isn’t easy. I’m not a […]

  • Not in the Weeds

    So, my online pal, Tim, suggested that I try a different browser. I downloaded Mozilla’s Firefox. I thought that I made a huge mistake because it barely worked at all. I left the computer and took a break because I had other things to do… like vacuum. With six dogs roaming the halls you can […]

  • Just Another Sunday

    T his picture was made during one of the last times that I actually travelled around New Orleans. I went to the hospital to get my second vaccination against CoVid. Little did I know the trip and the injection was meaningless because of my “other” illness. At least one good thing came out of this. […]

  • The Hard Way

    T here is a group of photographic artists who have seemed to have determined what contemporary fine art photography should look like. It looks something like this picture, but probably more precious in concept and explanation. A friend of mine, a good photographer, has started to make inroads into that world. And, I have to […]

  • Have You Seen Me Lately?

    T his picture was made of a little of this and a little of that. I mean it. There are three pictures in there lurking somewhere. None of them were made at the same time. One was made in New Mexico. One was made in New Orleans. And, one was made in Shrewsbury. The last […]

  • No Country

    O bviously, I made this picture a while ago, like in winter. I tucked it away and you’ve never seen it. I’m starting to work through that collection now. Unfortunately for me, these pictures are scattered throughout the last few months which means that I have to find them. Hard to do when you’ve forgotten […]

  • Coming Home

    T oday got rolling just about the time I got up. I told you that I was going to get busy. I didn’t think that I meant right this second. I thought I could cruise into the work a little bit at a time. Silly me. I made my first mistake when I started listening […]