Tag: Mysterious

  • Know, Not Know

    There are only a few days left in this year. 2022. The year that sucked worse than the year before, w hich sucked worse than the previous year. I keep talking about changing things. My approach. How I use technology. Even where we live. It’s going to be a long, long uphill slog. I don’t […]

  • Shanghai Dreams

    Shanghai, China. For me, it’s one the most interesting cities in China. While some neighborhoods have been modernized, just like almost every city in the country, a lot of it remains untouched. There are neighborhoods like the old French Concession that look much as they did in the 1930s. The buildings are western styled, the […]

  • Over 99 Billion Served

    I was playing around with two pictures and just like that they came together into one. That’s when I know I happened onto something good. Happened is right. I doubt that I ever actually make a good image on my own. Luck, the universe, Ronald McDonald or something leads me to the picture. Maybe that’s […]

  • Mystifies Me

    T iming. It’s everything. Look in one direction and you see nothing. Turn around and there’s the picture. Make some great music and nobody hears it unless the timing is right. Play sports, maybe baseball. The difference between striking out and hitting a home run is timing. You get the point. This picture is a […]

  • He Went to Paris

    I ‘ve made a change. You’ll figure it out. It comes under the heading of who was I really hurting? In these pandemic days when many people aren’t able to travel, it’s possible to get a European fix right here in New Orleans. After all, we are a French, Spanish and American place. Much of […]

  • Nocturne Two

    N ot every street in The French Quarter is brightly lighted with shops, stores, clubs and bars beckoning to passersby. A large part of the Quarter is residential or old work spaces converted into some kind of loft or apartments. Unless you are very lucky you usually can’t park your car near your destination so […]

  • Postcard Blues

    You could see it coming from miles away. The storm. The cold. The wind. Luckily, we didn’t have heavy rainfall. Maybe a couple of inches. But, we are having a cold spell that is as cold and long as anything in recent memory. I’ll tell you more about this picture in the right hand column. […]

  • Into The Red

    All patience is gone. I’ve had nothing but technical problems here. I spoke to the minions — oh wait, I meant automattitions — at WordPress. They say that I don’t understand the block system. Really? Nobody understands the block system. The only people who really do are the coders who work for their VIP clients. […]

  • Mystic Month

    The business week begins. The most important week. We vote for the president. Many frame it as a vote for Democracy. Many see it as a choice between good and evil. No matter how you see it this election is as an important an election as I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. We also vote […]