Tag: Nature Photography

  • Spring Equinox

    Equinox. Rebirth. The representation of new life and light, new beginnings, path and seeds. Seeds? Read on. You’ll see. The equinox represents the need for balance because the day and night are equal in length. The first day of spring begins at 5:24 pm EDT. Now the days grow longer as light wins over the…

  • Nature’s End

    Green. That’s what I felt like seeing. I thought you might enjoy it too. Not only do I like the color, but I like the stillness of these pictures. Quietude and solitude are two reasons that we bought the farm. These pictures are not from there. We have trees, but they are certainly not huge,…

  • Self Defense

    As you know, I’ve been playing with my archive. This image is the result of that. It’s in response to the synthetic media produced by generative AI. Yep, AI is growing so fast that jargon is being created as fast AI is being developed. That’s scary for a lot of reasons. Not only can it…

  • Sunday Flowers

    Sunday. Enjoy it.

  • Everywhere

    Nature on my mind. My archival plumbings are yielding forgotten and amazing imagery. I surprise myself. I’m pretty sure I used to work very hard. But, I cannot remember when. Ever feel that way? It could be because it never felt like work. A hobby job is what a friend of mine once called it.

  • 30 Minutes

    I made this picture 30 minutes ago. I’m not trying to prove anything. I just got excited.

  • Listen to the Silences

    Things have gotten, well, drifty. After all the passings of the past few weeks I finally broke. I caught the good old fashioned flu. The kind the punches you in the face before you knew that you had a face. Luckily, it’s just that. The flu, not CoVid. These days, any working band carries cases…

  • This Story is Forever

    There were daysAnd there were daysAnd there were days besidesWhen phantom ships with phantom sails Set to sea on phantom tidesComes the lightning of the sunOn bright unfocused eyesThe blue of yet another dayA springtime wet with sighsA hopeful candle lingersIn the land of lullabiesWhere headless horsemen vanishWith wild and lonely cries, lonely cries

  • On Day One

    I don’t know why, last night of all nights, musical miss thought I needed to hear this story. When Ringo Starr went to see and say goodbye to George Harrison in Switzerland where George was so sick from cancer that he could not sit up, Ringo spent some time with him but apologized because he…