Thunder on the Mountain

Sometimes it’s better to borrow a few lyrics. Especially after yesterdays debacle in Washington D.C. I’m not political. I rarely show discuss that on Storyteller. This is a place for art. But, I have to tell you, I’m tired of it. And it’s only been a hundred and something days. I’m ashamed that my countrymen electedContinue reading “Thunder on the Mountain”

The Days That Are Left Between

If all art is autobiographical, what does this say about me? In fact, what does any of my latest series say about me? The problem is that you can’t know. Because, you make your own meaning from art. I have an idea of what I’m trying to do. Someone very close to me says beContinue reading “The Days That Are Left Between”

Where’s Waldo?

Where’s Waldo, indeed. As you know, I’ve been skulking around my archives since I can’t really moved about at will. I found this picture. I made it back around a hundred years ago. Or, 2014. It says a lot about New Orleans. Because. This a second line that is so closely packed that it looks asContinue reading “Where’s Waldo?”

All of the Words are There…

… they are just in the wrong order. The Treme Sidewalk Steppers Second Line. They packed just about everything they could into it. A huge van that was essentially a giant speaker. The krewes, themselves. The normal brass bands. A large group of unknown security people.  A high school marching band. A lot of bigContinue reading “All of the Words are There…”

As They Say…

… the Tuba starts the second line. And, so. It should start my second line parade photo coverage. Especially when a tuba is plastered with a New Orleans sticker. This is the Undefeated Divas second line parade. Another Sunday affair. Warmer than last weekend with a little overcast which helped control the shadows. Especially onContinue reading “As They Say…”

The Neighborhood

The neighborhood. Just a street in Mid City. Not far from the old laundry building. The buildings are sort of typical of some older houses that have been handed down from generation to generation. And, survived the storm. Survived bad weather. Hot weather. Humid weather. So is each generation’s stuff. Typical. It survived. What were grandpa’s things wasContinue reading “The Neighborhood”

It Takes Me There

A return. I promised you a few more details and pictures from this place. The General Laundry Cleaners and Dyers building. That’s its formal name. So. It was built in 1929. By Owner Robert Chapoit, after his laundry first building was burned to the ground. In the 1960s, the American Can Company used it. The USPSContinue reading “It Takes Me There”

From Another Year

With Dylan’s winning the Nobel Prize for Literature yesterday, I started looking around in my archives for something that felt like a song. Yeah. Sure. I have pictures of Dylan onstage and off, but everybody knows what he looks like. Even if you don’t, with Google Images, his pictures are a keystroke or two away.Continue reading “From Another Year”

The Bywater

The Bywater. Or, the 9th Ward. As you prefer. The Bywater was the industrial neighborhood and port  in which most of the coffee and South American fruit that we consume in North America passed through. That’s all changed. Much of the neighborhood has become gentrified. And, dare I say it, hipsterfied. The neighborhood has expanded acrossContinue reading “The Bywater”