His Story

Whenever I have time and am in place to do so, I work on what appears to be my never-ending Central City project. Mostly, I look for things that help tell the story as I see it. But, I get lucky once in a while. During my last drive through, I ran into a guyContinue reading “His Story”


New Orleans is full of churches. All kinds of churches. But, mainly Catholic churches. Many of them have been closed, or are for sale. As the population of the city declined there is no need for so many churches. Then, along came Katrina and the population dropped substantially. So, even more churches were closed. TheyContinue reading “Churches”

Church. Part Two.

I rarely post alternate versions of the same shoot. But, I had to. I think I like this one more that the first attempt, Since you know the story of the place, I’ll let that go. For now. Post production was done on my i-Pad using Snapseed from an original i-Phone image. New media. IContinue reading “Church. Part Two.”

Holy Cross and a Church

The Holy Cross area in New Orleans is actually a sub-district of The 9th Ward. Sub district is one of those words that I stumbled upon while researching what I photographed. So, this is St. Maurice Church. It’s been decommissioned by the Catholic Church in New Orleans and is now for sale. The church was builtContinue reading “Holy Cross and a Church”

Nobody Knows How…

I’ve returned to Central City to work on the project. Sometimes it hurts. Too much violence. Too much grief. This is Esther Anderson, the grandmother of five-year old Briana Allen, who was murdered in a crossfire while she was at a birthday party to celebrate a family member’s tenth birthday. She once asked her teacherContinue reading “Nobody Knows How…”