St. Roch

St. Roch. I’ve written about this place in the past. Mostly, I’ve posted pictures of the offerings of prosthetics and crutches to St. Roch for help with health issues. That’s generally what most people photograph when they come here. Just like most people, I’ve probably photographed the inside of the chapel five or six times. Or,Continue reading “St. Roch”

In the Graveyard

Wandering around. Again. I made this picture on a day when a storm broke. When the heavy clouds were lifting and the scene was getting a little bright, sparkly and shiny. It’s a cemetery in Uptown. For those who are keeping score, it’s a Jewish cemetery. But. This post isn’t about the subject. I like workingContinue reading “In the Graveyard”

A Sunday Test

Because I’m lazy, I’m trying something out that could be important in the future. I took the picture normally, imported it into my phone, did the post on the phone and posted it to Storyteller without ever leaving the comfort of my phone.  After working through the process, I’ve found that it’s simple and fairlyContinue reading “A Sunday Test”

Dark End of the Quarter

Contrasts. The French Quarter is a study in contrasts. On one end, the upriver end, the French Quarter is bright, colorful and very bright. You know. Bourbon Street. Royal Street. Like that. As you head down river there are more residential streets. With that comes less of what I call the typical French Quarter light. It’sContinue reading “Dark End of the Quarter”

A Little Light

French Quarter traffic. As the sun sets. Luckily, for me, I got jammed up behind two pedicabs. And, a taxi. That allowed me to do my drive by shooting thing, stop in pretty heavy traffic and not get honked at for creating problems. Normally, I wouldn’t care about honking horns, but in New Orleans youContinue reading “A Little Light”

In The Spring

We, in Southeast Louisiana, live in the semi-tropics. We wear shorts, t-shirts, and even flip-flops in the rain. Sometimes we use umbrellas.  But, that’s about it. I try not to use umbrellas. A while back, in the middle of a huge storm, I tried to use one. A gust of wind came along. Not only didContinue reading “In The Spring”

More Blue

A little more blue hour work. A couple of you liked yesterday’s silhouetted picture and were happy with the few tips that I mentioned, so I thought I’d post a few more blue hour pictures. I thought too, that I could give you an idea of how working in that light can turn the ordinaryContinue reading “More Blue”

Working the Night

I like poking around the back streets at night. Or, at least during blue hour. I few of you were asking me about that. You were wanting to know a little bit about how to do that.  I thought I’d discuss that a little. I promised I’d teach a little. I really haven’t done thatContinue reading “Working the Night”

In the Dark of Night

This isn’t the tourists’ French Quarter. It’s where the residents live. It looks a little more beat up than it is. I’m willing  to bet that inside those ancient walls are some pretty nice digs, especially since this place is located in a more residential area of the Quarter. That’s one version of hiding inContinue reading “In the Dark of Night”