Box of Rain

We are opening. A little. The governor said that we will open the state according to phase one on May 16. They mayor argreed. That’s exciting. It seems like Jefferson Parish opened a little too early. The fine folks who live there decided to have some fun. In one day the amount of cases doubledContinue reading “Box of Rain”

It Starts Somewhere

It’s the season. We talk about summer, summer, more summer and another summer. That’s how it is down here. But, there are phases. We are entering the wet season. The rainy season. Hurricane season. The time when we watch each storm as it forms off the coast of Africa.  Many of those storms don’t amountContinue reading “It Starts Somewhere”

Gentle Growing

Like a watercolor painting. A time in nature, when greens are still green and summer hasn’t officially arrived. The time in between. I am fascinated with Asian art forms. Something Chinese. Or, something Japanese. This picture sort of crosses the border. Between. Make no mistake. It was a photograph first. I started tinkering with it. IContinue reading “Gentle Growing”


A friend of mine, a musician to be precise, once said to me that he went out to listen to a brass band when they were touring. They happened to stop in Seattle, where he lives. He used one word to describe them. Chaotic. Yes. That’s right. But, they are from New Orleans. New OrleansContinue reading “Chaos”

See The Light

Following yesterday’s post, I thought another simple picture was a good idea. This one was made along the Bosque near Albuquerque, New Mexico.