Change With the change of month I thought I would change my approach and discuss a topic that’s been on my mind a lot. Climate change. I’ll do my best to do it through my artwork and my layering techniques. Of course WordPress had other ideas. It’s probably my fault, but the normal column onContinue reading

For a Brand New Day

Like just about everyone else who could watch it, we watched it. We watched a new president be sworn in as a very small crowd watched. For many of us it was areligious experience. I think the administration planned it that way. It was all inclusive. It was inspiring. It moved everyone in this houseContinue reading “For a Brand New Day”

Junk, Not Junk

I’m always amazed at what I see if I just look. Since I’ve moved into a new series of things, I see stuff everywhere. Not only for the junk (not junk) series, but for images in general. I suppose by letting my sort of photographic malaise roll around in my head I was able toContinue reading “Junk, Not Junk”

In the Springtime

Spring. Rebirth. Renewal. We aren’t used to very much cold weather. This year we had some very cold weather, with temperatures in the low teens. That cold spell killed everything especially our semi tropical plants which are not used to freezing weather. Dead and brown ferns are pretty ugly, so we cut them down toContinue reading “In the Springtime”

Time For A Little Change

Well. So. And. The sun finally came out today. It’s still a little cold for Southeast Louisiana, but that didn’t stop the flowers from blooming a little. I have an ongoing project called a “picture a day.” Those pictures are usually produced apart from other projects unless those projects become all time-consuming. Sometimes, making aContinue reading “Time For A Little Change”