Rain. Rain. Rain.

Rain. And, more rain. Accompanied by a fairly cold wind. Apparently the wind picked up fast enough to hit Gulf Coast Alabama with hurricane force winds. In fact, it blew a stranded Carnival cruise ship that was in for repairs free from its moorings. This knocked the guard shack into the water. Last month theContinue reading “Rain. Rain. Rain.”

Keeping a Light On

I was walking up Royal Street one night, when I happened to look up and saw the light on. I noticed the fan in the window which seems to say a lot about New Orleans and the coming summer. You know the summer. The one that we have in New Orleans is usually pretty unbearable.Continue reading “Keeping a Light On”


There are two things that I really like about Mardi Gras. By now, you know one of them Marching Bands. The make a lot of noise. Wonderful noise. I admire the kids who walk for miles and miles every day during Carnival Season. The other thing I really like are the beads. No. No. No.Continue reading “Marching”

It’s Here.

Carnival Time. Mardi Gras. Krewe du Vieux. The first big parade of the season rolled last night from The Marigny through The French Quarter and back. But, mostly it rolled around The Quarter. Krewe du Vieux is an adult parade. This year’s theme is Krewe du Vieux comes early. That’s sort of all you needContinue reading “It’s Here.”

Another Night.

Still No joy when it come to Mardi Gras decorations. I do know there was at least one carnival ball tonight. But, getting invited to those is very hard if you aren’t a krewe member, or close to a krewe member. So, I’ll make do with another picture made in The French Quarter. The folksContinue reading “Another Night.”

Through The Windshield

I’m doing a little experimenting. I’d really like for my picture to be on the top of my post rather than on the bottom. I’d also like the picture to have a caption. It doesn’t have to be too long. But, I’d like to identify what’s in the picture. I’d also like to post aContinue reading “Through The Windshield”

And, Again

So. I dipped into the well of New Year Eve in The French Quarter. I had a pretty good shooting night. And, we had a pretty good dinner. So, all in all as they say… it was a pretty good time. I’ve written about it in the past few blogs so I’m pretty much outContinue reading “And, Again”

Night Riders

Well. For me this is a lesson in not giving up. Here’s the story. I wanted to photograph one more Christmas display yesterday evening. It was the most amazing collection of white lights I’d ever seen. Unfortunately, I saw it too late in the day when the sky was already black. Despite the notion thatContinue reading “Night Riders”

One Night

When we went out to eat and to photograph on New Years Eve I really was looking for one image to start the year off right. It seems like I was just making and making pictures. There were picture everywhere. Since my ritual is intended to be sort of totem to staying busy in theContinue reading “One Night”