One Of These Days

Tom Knudsen of The Doobie Brothers died yesterday. I listen to them now and then these days, but boy did the 1970s come flooding back. I lived in the Bay Area in those days. I went to college in San Jose. I lived in a neighborhood called The Rose Garden until I moved to theContinue reading “One Of These Days”

Head, Hands and Feet

See? I told you I really wasn’t changing direction all that much. I hope that you believed me. You have no reason to because I change directions on Storyteller, every chance that I get. Sometimes. This is the inside of the Chapel at St. Roch Cemetery. I think everybody who finds their way to thisContinue reading “Head, Hands and Feet”

Don’t Think Twice

It’s alright. I stumbled upon this little scene as I was heading to my friend’s gallery in The Bywater. Considering the memorial stretched across the street, I thought it was a pretty good idea to document it. Nobody paid any attention to me except for one guy driving by. He asked me what I wasContinue reading “Don’t Think Twice”

A Little Rain Must Fall

Yes. A little rain must fall. And, it must fall like it would in an Impressionistic painting. So, here’s what happened. We had a hurricane on Thursday night. You didn’t know about it because it didn’t make the national or international news. What? Wait. Why not? It was something called a Cold Core Hurricane. It formedContinue reading “A Little Rain Must Fall”


I keep saying that all art is autobiographical. I began to think about that when a younger colleague in Australia started to worry that I had enhanced a couple of my second line pictures. I said I didn’t care because these pictures are about my intent. My vision. And, I used that phrase… “all art isContinue reading “Autobiographical”

I Just Can’t Remember

Inner Harbor Navigation Channel. That’s its formal name. Around here we call it The Industrial Canal. It is lined by a levee. Or, more accurately, a series of levees. This structure sort of site in front of one. One of the very levees that broke so badly during Hurricane Katrina and destroyed the Lower 9th Ward. It’s still prettyContinue reading “I Just Can’t Remember”

Like a Song

Like a song… like a Jimmy Buffett song. Maybe, “The Wino and I Know.” It has a line in it that goes something like, “Living my life like a song, and the wino and I know…” It fits. A good friend of mine suggested that we see a certain art show in a gallery onContinue reading “Like a Song”

And, So It Goes…

I wrote the headline four times. I don’t know what to say except that I get to better work… you know, once again, the work is the prayer. Here’s why. As I sat down to prepare this work for you, my little AP bell rang on my smart phone. AP is The Associated Press. IContinue reading “And, So It Goes…”

Just Because… I Like It.

Yep. I pivot on a dime. Sometimes. I realized that I haven’t posted a face in a couple of weeks. That’s not like me. Even though I photograph a lot of place and things. I usually photograph a lot of people as well. Maybe more than places. So, it’s time for a couple of daysContinue reading “Just Because… I Like It.”