Tag: Old

  • Something Like Paris

    P aris. When you stare long enough at this ancient apartment building you think you are in Paris. France, not Texas. Well, I do anyway. You might not. If you’ve wandered around the streets of Paris going into neighborhoods that aren’t on the tourist must see list, you’ll see buildings like this one. In The […]

  • New Orleans Spooky

    T his whole post might just be a rant. I know what you are thinking. “Oh no” I’ll try to be funny even though I’m not feeling that way. You know I don’t have much time these days. Time is my most precious commodity. Not just now, even in the best of times. But, especially […]

  • Other Ways

    A doorway to… With no imagination it could be a doorway to the building. With just a little imagination it could be a doorway to the unique. With more imagination it could be the doorway to the universe. You pick. I like that latter. I saw a picture posted on some social media. It was […]

  • A Dream of America

    A ccording to The Washington Post, The President just said that Congress had reach a bi-partisan agreement on the infrastructure bill. All I can say is that is about damn time. If ever there was a city in need of infrastructure repair it’s New Orleans. You are looking at one of two drawbridges that cross […]

  • It Ain’t Over

    Pictures. You know that I’ve been working in my archives looking for pictures for a project. I’ve found some, but not all. I did find this picture. A photograph. It is so appropriate because. I have been thinking lately about my past. You know, getting deep inside. I won’t write much about the picture on […]

  • Thinking of a Place

    Junkyards. I don’t know what got me thinking about this. Maybe it’s because I often watch documentaries on various streaming services. I’ve internalized the broken, the abandoned and the left behind. If truth be told, I’ve poking around abandoned stuff long before the dawn of Netflix. It’s always interested me. It could be because when […]

  • Cemetery Tour

    New Orleans cemeteries. People come from all over to see them. They are part of our heritage. They are a part of the landscape. They are a tourist attraction. So, when a friend of mine who was visiting asked if we could see a cemetery if I didn’t think “that was too weird,” I sort […]

  • About a Billion Pictures

    This place has been photographed about a billion times. Everybody stops and takes a picture of it. And, I do mean everybody. That is, everybody who visits the French Quarter and especially Royal Street. This old building just sucks everybody right in. Even me. I’ve probably photographed it about 500 times. Or more. In all kinds […]

  • Black and White. Again.

    A little black and white work for Sunday. I found this train. Or, something like that. I  always think that I find things. Usually, everybody knows about them but me. I was parking my car in a huge lot. The lot was very crowded so I had to park pretty far away from my destination. Things […]