One of Those Days

It’s one of those things. It was inspired by the local newspaper, which I rarely read. And, by their website, which I read daily. There was a piece about “seeing food differently” in their food section. It was about a photographer who takes close up pictures of fresh food. He is, apparently, making a splashContinue reading “One of Those Days”

A Pay Phone. Two Ways.

This is Netflix’ fault. Or, Amazon Prime’s. I forget which one. I started out with a nice simple graphic image of an abandoned pay phone. It was cleaned up nicely by whoever owns the boarded up building. There is no actual phone and all the wires are removed. It looked sort of cool as a graphic image soContinue reading “A Pay Phone. Two Ways.”

In The Still Of The Night

We were walking back from listening to Caroling in Jackson Square when I noticed that most of the carriages were empty. No people riding in them. Very odd for a night when so many people were in The Quarter. I thought about stopping one.  But I’ve done this a few times. The picture doesn’t reallyContinue reading “In The Still Of The Night”