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  • Stories.

    A person deserves to tell their own story.

  • Four Days Gone

    The work is the prayer.

  • Downtown

    There’s too much. Too much of everything. Too many pictures. Too many words. Too many blogs. Too many people trying to be what they aren’t. I probably opened my mouth when I should have kept it closed. I was reading a rather vacuous blog when someone chimed in and said her daughter’s teacher wanted her […]

  • Change of Pace

    Something entirely different. There’s been a lot of talk everywhere including in the least knowledgable of people, congress, about the very evil Ticketmaster and their owners LiveNation. If the people doing the whining asked how this happened they might understand. Something. Let’s talk about what Ticketmaster really is and what it isn’t. Ticketmaster isn’t a […]

  • Maybe This Place

    You know it’s been hard. I know it’s been hard. I’d like to go to this place and sit in the plaza at St. Francis of Assisi and have a word with the universe. Enough is enough. A lot of us in this house are having a tough time recovering… on a weekly basis. They […]

  • A Study In Rural New Mexico

    More design experiments. Somewhere deep inside I have ideas percolating around and around. I just have to find them and figure them out. You all are the beneficiaries. Enjoy what you are and let me know what you think. Please.

  • As I Saw It

    Travel photography. Only richer and fuller. This photograph was made in Seligman, Arizona on Route 66. The editing came out of my head. Late at night where most good things happen.

  • About A Half A Tank

    That’s just about how much gas it takes to get to this forlorn place from Albuquerque if you are driving.I found this place. I made a few pictures and kept going until I came to the next place like you do. This is not a new picture, but it is one that I like. Aside […]

  • Winter Long

    Winter in New Mexico is a lot of things. High in the mountains in places like Santa Fe and Taos winter is snowy almost all season long. In Albuquerque there are probaby one or two big snow storms during the winter, which causes havoc because there isn’t much snow removal equipment. On the plains winter […]